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False advertising

So I bought the Google Play exclusive offer.
You need to know that my game is in French. The way the offer is written it said the we get legendaries. The word is plural I was expecting to get at least 2 gold item at least for that amount.
And disappointed right now and I probably wouldn’t have bought that promotion otherwise.

Same thing with this offer as it written legendaries guaranteed I’m French again plural it definitely misleading

Don’t read french, but it seems like the graphic specifically mentioned youre guaranteed 1 single legendary.
I agree it’s a little misleading, but making sure what you buy before you buy it pretty important, especiallt when it comes to microtransactions.

I’m sorry for you, That was obviously disappointing.

The picture isn’t the same offer. Since.once you buy it it disappears. but I then noticed it the same wording for this one so I took a screenshot

The wording says “Legendaires”, but below in the pack content it says “guaranteed cards: legendary 1” (cartes garanties: legendaire 1)

I’m not asking for a refund or extra legendaries (but I wouldn’t say no) I know it me that bought it and I probably didn’t notice the number below. What I’m asking is to change the wording so at least it is clear for next customer.

Here’s the screenshot of the offer in English. The heading text indeed says “Guaranteed Legendary Cards”, so I can see how that is confusing.

Try to work it out with Ludia. If they don’t budge there may be recourses with the Google Play store to dispute charges resulting from falsely advertised in app purchases or your credit card company. Usually the company does what’s right.

Where you live retsamerol? It’s $19.99 in US

Edit just noticed it’s not even the same deal you get more epics

I’m in Canada. So it’s in Canadian prices.

The deal scales with your adventure progress. I cleared Heartcoil Deeps. I take it you’ve beaten HSM but not HCD?

Yes I’m slow playing Heartcoil.