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False chat notification

Next to the chat icon is a little notification saying I have one unread one when I’ve read them all and doesn’t go away even when I restart the app or my phone. It’s not a major bother or anything of that sort, however, but just a small bug I thought I might as well point out.


Thanks for letting us know, Fish! I’ll pass this along to the team.

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Since the last Update I’ve got a few ghost messages… There is a mark for a new Mail (already read the one with 100 diamonds) but there is nothing to open.
Also there are new chat notifications on the desk (the small red sign) but there are no new messages.
Sorry for bad English, I am from Germany :sweat_smile:

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I have had the same notification indicating I have an unread conversation despite everyone being away for months – probably since late September or early October. I wouldn’t worry about it, but it doesn’t appear to be a top priority for the dev team to fix.

Yep same here. I also got a notification in my inbox but when I go there, there’s nothing

My mailbox shows I have 2 messages but when I go to the mailbox there is nothing there, I can’t get it to go away is this happening to anyone else?

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It’s only been happening with me for the chat notifications though it seems to have extended to other features for others. There’s no way to fix this yet, and I’ve had the ghost notification since mid-September.

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Our team is working on fixing this, thanks for letting us know, everyone! :smiley: