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False mailbox notification

Got the update & lemme just say I’m so happy you guys started giving rewards in the mailbox! However, I’ve had a notification saying I have mail but its just saying “your mailbox is empty… for now!”
Just reporting the bug. I’m loving the game, keep up the good work! :purple_heart::purple_heart:

Sidenote- another chat update would be lovely. I miss William & Skylar :sob:

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have seen this a few times too,also would like updates on the favourites that have also

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Ive had a notification with nothing actually there still since I made this post :sweat_smile:

That and the false chat notification are issues that the dev team responded was looking into in a similar thread as this, but yeah. Several people including myself have the false notifications for the message and/or chats.


Since the new update I’ve had a constant glitch on my inbox saying I have 2 messages but upon clicking there is none there?

I’ve also had glitches in messages, I’ll press a response and it won’t show up so I have to go out of the chat and back in to make it work? I’ve also had a complete repeated chat sequence with both Emmalyn and Tiros.

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have had some of that too. so far only had to repeat some of one chat tho but did get gems to make up for it. no big loss,just a bit awkward repeating some of a conversation.

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@TheKity I know what you mean! I’m actually really invested in the Emmalyn shelter story though and got super excited thinking there was an update and it was just a repeated conversation :weary::joy:

aww thats a shame,at least it was only part of story re-done not the whole thing. just really awkward having to re-select responses& stuff.