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Families who havent got an uniqeu hybrid yet

A few OG dino families havent gotten a uniqeu creature yet like ceratopsids and Raptors, but some newer families didnt get the honor of getting an uniqeu hybrid yet. What family you want to get its first uniqeu hybrid?

  • Raptors
  • Stegosaurids
  • Ceraopsids
  • Ankylosaurids
  • Mammoth familie
  • Archeopteryx familie
  • Pteredon familie
  • Oviraptor familie
  • Ornithomimisaurids

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If you have an idea for one of these, make sure tho place him down bellow intrested to see some custom creatures

What about dodo

With s hybrids being fuseable i hope we get a stegodeus or Monostegotops unique