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Family Discussion #1 - [gorgonopsians]

Welcome guys,as dinosaures of the day,i got the idea to introduce a little more general discussion by talking about the families of creatures, their average stats, and their impact on the game

#1 - Gorgonopsians:

[Epics]: None
[Hybrids] : Ancrocanthops/Edaphocevia/Inostherium

Averages stats:Except all hybrids and apex:
Stats:Health 3000-3900 :Low health
Damage: 1100-1400 : Average/low damage
Crit: 5-10%: low crit
Armor: 0% no armor
Speed: 130-132 : Among the fastest
Immunities: Always distraction / crit reduction

Particularities? Revenge distraction,Revenge impact,Revenge Rampage.
Commons skills: Distraction,rampage.Cunning is very rare.

Note: This family is among the fastest (the average being faster than raptors), the revenge ability is ideal for defeating any opponent with low health points.
However, this family has rather low fighting stats and will suffer a lot from their counters.(Anything resilient).
What would you suggest?
Personally,they would be the perfect candidate to get 75% rending immunities,their are good against pure chompers (fierce) but are vulnerable to bleed and rending,which is sad for something supposed to be counters.
What is your oppinions about them?


If Gorgotrebax has high speed like another guy in family
It will worthy to create

Sadly,gorgotrebax don’t seem to follow the trait of this family.
113 speed make him,kind of an alien for a cunning. (he have 20 speed difference with his original family)
Even the hp (4500) is way too much for beeing part of this family.


Actually it has Revenge Nullifying Rampage

Oh yeah,actually forgot it.
Does she have a huge influence on the game? Do you think she needs a change?

Here’s my modification to her.


what about inostherium? you never listed them.

Oh my bad,i add her.

It can increase it’s speed but 113 is way too low with that speed increase it would have some 124 speed.
I guess it would be better to get 123-130 speed.

Gorgonopsids are some of my favourites in the game at present. They are missing some better resistances though, as mentioned.

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