Family Discussion # 2 [Long neck Sauropods]

Welcome guys,as dinosaures of the day,i got the idea to introduce a little more general discussion by talking about the families of creatures, their average stats, and their impact on the game

# 2 - Long neck sauropods:

[Commons] :Apatosaurus
[Rares] :Bajatosaurus/Argentinosaurus/armagosaurus
[Epics]: Diplodocus
[Hybrids] : Geminititan/Gigaspikasaurus/Ardontosaurus/Nodopatosaurus/
[Apex] :None

Averages stats:Except all hybrids and apex:
Stats:Health 4800-6000 : Very high health
Damage: 900-1500: Very low/high dmg
Crit: 5%-20%: low crit
Armor: 0% no armor
Speed: 101-104 : Among the slowest
Immunities: No immunities (except for diplodocus)

Particularities ? High health,low speed
Commons skills : Resilient strikes,Deceleratings abilities

Note: This family is among the slowest but compensate oftenly bu getting a huge HP pool.
However, this family has too much difference from a specie to another one.argentino specie is crit,diplodocus to shield and pierce armor,bajato have his own kit…
This family don’t really shine in battle currently (except diplodocus)
What would you suggest?
I would divide the things :Apatosaurus need some immunities ,get back to 1000 dmg and ofc getting his decelerating impact at least.
Armagosaurus ,bajatosaurus and argentinosaurus need their hp to 5700-6000,they are just useless punching balls when you compare them to giraffatitan which is also a rare,and of course some immunities.
Diplodocus on the other hand need a good nerf,he is too strong for an epic.
What is your oppinions about them?


I agree that Apato needs more damage and an impact. Perhaps a light counter attack would help. About the rare (excluded Giraff) I believe they need more life. They don’t need immunities. If need be, maybe provocation because just 13 creatures have. Do not know. Regarding the epics, Brachi is fine unlike Docus who destroys creatures that were supposed to fight her. A damage reduction would help (1250? Maybe).

About hybrids. The legendary (excluding Ardont) need immunity and damage (mainly Gigaspika). The Unique’s are fine (I just wanted Maxima to have a better role since Gemini stole his place in Raids).


amargo and baja gets a dmg increase
amarga: 1100
baja: 1200

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I will do another thread for High sauropods which will include brachi/girraffa/sonora/ardentismaxima and nodopatotitan.
But i agree,most of them seem to have been forget in the 2.0 update and now are a “old” kit which doesnt even fit to the meta.
If some cunning play weell,they can even destroy them without a problem.

About the hybrids:Gigaspika is the worst of the 3 nodopatosaurus hybrids,(of course ludia though a nerf would be a good idea)

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They all (excluding dipplo, ardonto and gem) need buff in damage (at least 1100) and health. And why most of them only have Group decel strike ? Replace it with GDI or GDR. And dipplo just replace Decel rampage with decel impact and dont need damage nerf because it will be too low damage output in turn one .

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dont nerf it

I agreed with everything you said.

Excellent advice.
I really hope this family will receive a buff :clap:
We are saying thi is a resilient meta,but these are among the weakest resilient i saw in the game currently.

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