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[Fan Art] Jurassic World Alive | SPRING!

Hello fellow DPG members,

Welcome to our Forum FAN ART!
Here’s a chance to show off your artistic chops and share your fan art for a chance to have it showcased on our Instagram account!

What is “Fan Art”?
Anything creative that you can prove you made! AR photos/videos included!

How do I submit?
Reply to this thread with your fan art, and make sure to include the following:

  • The hashtag #JWAFanArt.
  • Signature on image.
  • If it’s a photograph (AR or not) be sure both the #hashtag and your signature appear and are legible!
  • If you want to be tagged when we post, your Instagram @handle.

Because we’re only 7 days away, today’s theme is SPRING!
Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for information on when we’ll showcase the chosen art!

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Trex is ready for spring! #JWAFanArt @eteaart



Super cool that you’re doing a fan art feature! I’ve been drawing JP fan art since I read the book in 1991. My childhood role model Robert Bakker wrote a novel from Utahraptor’s point of view, Raptor Red, so here’s my remix/shout-out (“drones” and all)…

@michaelgarfield #JWAFanArt


delta y carnotaurus deltaurusraptor


You guys do realize there’s already a long running thread for JWA artwork, no? Redundant threads always get folded into the more established thread on here, yes? Yw.

My hybrid called “Protonichus” the combination of an Baryonyx and Archaeopteryx

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Sorry I didn’t put my signature on but the program is hard to do signatures