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[Fan Art] Jurassic World Alive | Winter


Hello fellow DPG members,

Welcome to our Forum FAN ART!
This is your chance to show off your skillz and share your fan art for a chance to have it showcased on our Instagram account!

What is “Fan Art”?
Anything creative that you can prove you made! AR photos/videos included!

How do I submit?
Reply to this thread with your fan art, and make sure to include the following:

  • The hashtag #JWAFanArt.
  • Signature on the image.
  • If it’s a photograph or video (AR or otherwise) be sure both the #hashtag and your signature appear and are legible!
  • If you want to be tagged when we post your art, include your Instagram @handle.

The theme is WINTER!
Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for information on when we’ll showcase the chosen art!



This is my Jurassic World group’s photo I made.



Here’s my son’s JWA Fan Art. His name is Maven and he loves dinosaurs. We always play JWAlive and you can check it out here ( On the picture below, his signature is “Maven2018” and my Instagram handle is @coolnumber9. #JWAFanArt




thats how indominus was made😂 #JwaFanArt


Substitute deer :deer: :santa:t2::christmas_tree: #JWAFanArt


Raptor that fits winter team the most :snowflake:





Check out our Instagram account for the latest Fan Art post :smiley: !

A BIG thank you for all the submissions! The whole Jurassic World Alive team checks these out and are awed by the passion and talent showcased!


I hope it’s fine to post my submission even though it’s a bit late now but I couldn’t finish it sooner ;_;
I really wanted to draw a Sino for this theme! So here we go :smiley:

Happy holidays everyone!


My daughter (age 19) has been drawing since she was little, college and working prevented me from getting her to draw something. Love your sino and thank you for sharing!


She’s so cute.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you! :smiley: