[Fan Art] Jurassic World Alive | Winter


Hello fellow DPG members,

Welcome to our Forum FAN ART!
This is your chance to show off your skillz and share your fan art for a chance to have it showcased on our Instagram account!

What is “Fan Art”?
Anything creative that you can prove you made! AR photos/videos included!

How do I submit?
Reply to this thread with your fan art, and make sure to include the following:

  • The hashtag #JWAFanArt.
  • Signature on the image.
  • If it’s a photograph or video (AR or otherwise) be sure both the #hashtag and your signature appear and are legible!
  • If you want to be tagged when we post your art, include your Instagram @handle.

The theme is WINTER!
Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for information on when we’ll showcase the chosen art!



This is my Jurassic World group’s photo I made.



Here’s my son’s JWA Fan Art. His name is Maven and he loves dinosaurs. We always play JWAlive and you can check it out here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0RAehI_cXU). On the picture below, his signature is “Maven2018” and my Instagram handle is @coolnumber9. #JWAFanArt




thats how indominus was made😂 #JwaFanArt


Substitute deer :deer: :santa:t2::christmas_tree: #JWAFanArt


Raptor that fits winter team the most :snowflake: