[Fan Art] Jurassic World Alive | Your Fan Art

Hello incredibly talented DPG members!

Today we would like to ask you permission to reuse your Fan Art. Please follow the link below and keep an eye on our Instagram page!


I mean… you have my permission!

Wow, that sounds cool. So should we reupload our artworks from the JWA Fanart thread in that thread right here?
And will u credit the artists? :slight_smile:

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Yeah… and should I repost drawings here that don’t have a signature @jorge?

Go for it! All my art here is free use

I also have another question, in the document we‘d have to fill in our real names. Are those going to be published too?
Cuz in my case, I think I wouldn‘t want to see my real name in the internet. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Don‘t know what the other artists think, but I‘d like to know this before I also fill in my permission. ^^

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My name’s already out there… was an accident, but I’m okay with it.
Just fill in your first name maybe?
You could put N/A…

Well, I would sure give my permission for Ludia to use my artworks, but first I‘d like to get some answers. :slight_smile:
Like, will Ludia credit the artists? Should we reupload our artworks here or will they take them from the Fanart thread? And do they want our complete real names and if yes, are they going to be published too? :sweat_smile:

There you go, you can use my drawings now

Same with me. You can use all of mine as well

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