(Fan Made) Jurassic World Alive Update 2.17-Flock Destroyer Update

Welcome to 2.17,the flock destroyer update
There will be new creatures,new creature changes and new raid bosses

New Creatures

Alankyloraptor is a Cunning Resilient shield distracter
Ankylocoraptor is a Decelerating,shattering and Distraction expert

Albertomaxima is a high dmg Fierce
Deusomoloch is a stunning expert


Amargatitanis is a flock destroyer

Creature Changes


New Raid Bosses

Ouranosaurus will replace Trex boss on ???
Utahsinoraptor will come to raid in Thursday replacing Scorpios Rex on ???
Albertomaxima will come to raids in Tuesday replacing Hadros Lux in ???,don’t worry because this is not the last time you will see the Hadros Lux raid
Amargatitanis will come to raids in Thursday replacing Ceramagnus in ???,don’t worry becaude this is not the last time you will see the Ceramagnus raid
Deusomoloch will come to raids in Wednesday replacing Imperatosuchus in ???,don’t worry because this is not the last time you will see the Imperatosuchus raid
Purrolyth will come to raids in friday at ???

How does ankylocoraptor supposed to be a Unique?

Just for fun i made it’s rarity like that

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I think we need a Rexy raid so we can get Rexy DNA easier!
(And here my concept on new Apex poll btw How I think new Apex should be like )

Ankylocodon is amazing now!?! That looks like a unique moveset

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Yup it was for raids

And also what are ur thoughts on this fanmade update

This update should be called the flock destroyer update

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Why would you replace imperatosuchus, only people who spend money even have it yet

Idk cuz the raid is hard without pthops/ref

Also I feel like the ankylodon buff was way to much, same as the majungasuchus one too

Well apexs aren’t meant to be easy

As i said,both were meant for raids

But remember old sloth strat on Mrex?

As i said it is not the last time,it will be a rotation

For a flock killer update we need a dino with a counter attack that only hits flocks and kills 2 flocks guaranteed. Lets see the little (redacted) ruin another perfectly balanced pvp fight again

What do u mean?most of these can beat Argenteryx

But can a single one of them completely shut down an entire team of flocks? Dont know didnt look only care about title. Down with the flocks!

Welp some can kill 2 flocks