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[FAN MADE][Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.11


Hi jwa members, we are making 2 new hybrids and 1 new move.

• Hybrids
• Creature Rebalancing
• Bug Fixes
• New Movements (Prolonged Movements and New Dodges!)



SPINORAPTOR | An hybrid of spinosaurus and velociraptor! It gains defense shattering strike, wounding strike, Precise Pounce, and definite rampage. It is immune to distraction and damage over time.

Facing spinoraptor? You will need pouncing and rampaging. She can be pounced. However, she can’t be distracted.

DAUNGASAURA | Daungasaura is fused with its Maiasaura with dsungaripterus, it gains defense strike, rampage and run, instant rampage, and greater stunning impact.

Facing daungasaura? Needs defense striking to kill her.

Creature Rebalancing


decrease Damage to 1500; Distraction Impact becomes Distraction Strike


increase Damage to 1275;Minimal Sppedup Strike becomes Decelerating Strike and Swap in Rampage becomes Swap in Head Butt


Damage increase to 1250;Ferocious Strike becomes Extended Critical Strike


Loses “Immunity”;Receive “Swap in Slow”; Damage increase to 1625


Evasive Stance becomes Sidestep; increase damage to 1675


Can you please stop these?
They’re not entertaining.


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@Stygimoloch_29 you like this:

  • Ardontosaurus
  • Hp increased to 5300.
  • Allosaurus Gen 2
  • Speed Reduced to 104.

Buff Ardontosaurus and nerf allo gen 2?

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Yes,Allo gen2 needs NERF


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