[Fan Made Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.13

The New Update!

Update 2.13 brings some new features into Jurassic World Alive! This update also brings New Creatures, new Abilities and new Raid Bosses into the game!

New Raid Bosses

The European Struthiomimus will appear as a Raid Boss on Fridays!
The Asian Rinchenia will appear as a Raid Boss on Saturdays!
The American Stegoceras will appear as a Raid Boss on Sundays!

Creature Updates

Added “Alert Superiority Counter”

Added “Exposing Counter”

Attack changed from 1000 to 1250
Added 75% resistance to Distraction

New Features

We introduce a new rarity to Jurassic World Alive - Dominant! We also introduce the feature of Fusing two Hybrids and two Apexes!

New Creatures

Hybrid Components: Dsungaia + Ouranosaurus
Fierce-Resilient, Unique

image Group Cleansing Strike
image Ferocious Impact
image image Emergency Group Heal
image Group Decelerating Rampage
image Defense Shattering Counter

Indominus Rex Gen 3

Hybrid Components: Indominus Rex + Indominus Rex Gen 2
Fierce, Unique

image Fierce Strike
image Mutual Fury
image Mutual Cloak
image image Threatening Rampage

New Abilities

Alert Superiority Counter
Secure: Target Attacker: Reduce Speed by 50% for 1 turn, 2 attacks. Attack 1x
Threatened: Target Attacker: Vulnerable for 1 turn, 2 attacks. Attack 1x


Mutual Cloak
Delay: 1. Cooldown: 4.
Target: Team. Cleanse All Negative Effects. Cloak. 3X damage on next attack. 75% chance to dodge 67% of damage for 2 turn(s). Increase Speed By 20.0% for 2 turn(s).
Target: All Opponents. Cloak. 2X damage on next attack. 75% chance to dodge 67% of damage for 1 turn(s).

image image

Threatening Rampage
Priority. Delay: 1. Cooldown: 3.
Target: All Opponents. Remove Dodge. Remove Cloak. Remove Taunt. Break Shields. Bypass Armor. Attack 2X.


We currently have no Dominant creatures. We will introduce more Dominant creatures in the next update. We get DNA of Dominant creatures through incubators and strike events. They need 350 DNA to create, and are always at max level.


Why the name change?


SImply, just to make it more formal…

But why…?


The name changes seem unnecessary imo. It seems kind of needless to just change some of the creatures’ names among this list which have creative names (Diorajasaur, Magnapyrritor, Quetzorion, Tryostronix etc.) into a mix and match of component names.


Please, don’t ever change the names of these dinos… They sound so much worse now… I mean, Magnapyritor, which sounds cool and epic, now changed to Pyrrimetrodon? Not to seem rude, but that sounds way worse. So many cool names have now been changed to much lamer and much more basic hybrid names. Plus, it does absolutely nothing for the creatures that need buffs, since this update only changed their names. This would confuse the players, and just plain get rid of some of the fun of saying names like Ardentismaxima, Spinoconstrictor, and Diorajasaur (There’s an entire meme around Diorajasaur that would be ruined if it’s name were changed.)


DONOT ever change the name of the creatures you mentioned. If anything, change some of the move names like tough group cunning strike and defensive swap in.


No no no no no!

All of the names Ludia worked so hard to create! Why? There is no need for a name change!


Oh Ok. I will change it into another update.

honestly no creature really needs a name change


ludia just needs to make a bug fix update

and make all creatures actually useful in a way

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Changed the update.

no we will not fuse apex with apex and hybrid and hybrid

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I know, I just added them to the game as a new feature

As much as I disagree with the idea of “dominant” dinos and getting Indominus Rex Gen 3, I’ll give you props for not just copying a datamine and actually coming up with your own ideas.


Can we PLEASE never have apex hybrids
All it would do is ruin the meta and make the game way to complicated

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Quick question, does anyone know how to make those sections on mobile, like these? Screenshot_20211021-174624_Chrome~2

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Okay, will remove it

what’s new?
new creatures
new abilites

Screenshot 2021-12-17 3.12.00 PM

scorpisaurus - unique
scorpius rex + stegosaurus
with its parents of part deadly poison quils carnivore and part defensive herbivore turn into a highly agressived dangerous predator and a plant eater

Screenshot 2021-12-17 3.12.05 PM

galimiking - apex
diplovenator + erikospyx
it really not a galimimus but the mischief trickster of highy intelligent dinosaurthat can kill its prey and its parents!

new abilites
highly targeted