(Fan Made Release Notes) Jurassic World Alive Update 2.13


The Weekend Raid Update is Here! (Fan Made)

A mix of Rare, Epic, Legandary, and Unique creatures will be available to Raid for on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! This update also brings new creatures, and abilities to Jurassic World Alive!

What’s New

  • New Creatures
  • New Abilities
  • New Raid Bosses

New Creatures

Yutyrannus is found in Specific Areas, All day

Dilophodon is the stealthy hybrid of Troodon and Dilophosaurus. Found only in Events.

The feathered Yulophodon is a super hybrid of Dilophodon and Yutyrannus. Found only in Events.

The Queen herself is finally here! Rexy is Jurassic World Alive’s second non hybrid Legandary! She can be found Everywhere, All the Time.

New Abilities

New Raid Bosses

These new Raid Bosses are all on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

*New Friday Bosses

Yutyrannus will be stomping into Raids on December 24
Indominus Rex Gen 2 will be available as a Raid on December 31
The bioluminescent Parasaurolophus Lux will be a Raid Boss on January 7
The stealthy Quetzorion will sneak into Raids on January 14

*New Saturday Bosses

The quick Echo Boss will race into Raids on December 25
The slippery Titanoboa Boss will slither into Raids on January 1
The huge Ardontosaurus will be a Raid Boss on January 8
The omnivorous Geminititan will walk into Raids on January 15

*New Sunday Bosses

The exclusive Arctodus will be available to Raid for on December 26
The armored Carbonemys will slowly walk its way into Raids on January 2
Arctalces will be a Raid Boss on January 9
Mammolania will graze its way into Raids on 16

As an additional, Ardentismaxima Boss will replace Indoraptor on December 29

Thank you for checking out my Fan Made update!


I like this but I have a few complaints

First I think dilophodon should get an hp buff since it is lacking in hp and probably wouldn’t do to well as a result
Second yudophodon should have 3750 as 3700 isn’t possible, also 50% distraction resistance would be good
As for rexy I think a different move for armor piercing impact would be good since there is no point for it when you have defense shattering impact, also the swap in needs to go.

On a positive note Sunday will be the day for me to get all that arctodus dna lol

Same. I really need arctodus. Not so much cervalaces because I am getting 6,000 from the season. Hopefully we get an arctodus season next

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Thank you. I will change it later.

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Yutyrannus is too strong

I love Yuty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Not at all. It’s relatively weak in skill & advantage tournament. The delay two on its special move means you would have to survive 3 hits which is incredibly hard given its lack of defensive options.

It’s not very good of a revenge killer as all it can set-up is a SI or SS, and it’s moveset does not give it the survivability to last till it’s special move. Even if you reach its special move cunnings can easily counter it.

As for its resistances, they’re ok. It doesn’t really matter as it’s moveset and stats suck.

I don’t think that this is necessarily a bad thing though. Not every creature has to be good, and in terms of the Yutyrannus it seems to me like it’s primary role in the game would be to fuse into its hybrid, Yulophodon.

That’s just my opinion however.


Suggestion make common bosses

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I like it. Lets hope something like this comes soon. And that Rexy finally comes. ( and i hope also some aquatics)


Part of the fan made update

@vineshjaguar love the ideas! Keep up the good work!

Common bosses; take on the raptor boss for up to 1500 raptor dna. With its pounces and strikes, this boss is annoying