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[Fan Made][Release Notes]Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.8

New achievements, creatures, raid bosses and new ability’s are entering the update with whole new fun and a new experience

  • New raids

  • New creatures

  • Creature updates

  • New ability’s

  • New achievements

  • Bug fixes

New raids

The Arctops raid will join the schedule on Friday

A ferocious Keratoporcus become the raid

Diorajasaur will enter as a raid boss

The mysterious Strockovexsex will make appearance in Jurassic World

New creatures

Creature updates

Fierce impact becomes amor piercing impact

Distraction strike becomes cunning strike
Precise rampage becomes group distraction rampage

Gashing wound becomes lethal wound
Cunning impact becomes cunning rampage

New ability’s



New achievements

Gen 2 fury: unlock T. rex gen 2 indominus rex gen 2 indoraptor gen 2

Epic attraction: open 5 epic scents

Apex madness: beat for apex raids

Hybrid haul: dart over 10 different epic hybrids

Bug fixes

The revenge ring stays in place in the middle of a battle

The speed of a creature turns into a question mark when it is faster

The screen turns purple when device turns off for a really long during battle



My 2 issues:
not entirely sure about spinocon having precise rampage replaced with the distracting rampage, may be wrong according to others but that’s just me, but cunning strike seems fine
and the fact that there are only 3 bug fixes


really? why do u still posting this?


You got a problem with that

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The 2.7 update just came out why are you posting this so soon and it could use a little more work on like more bug fixes and some creature updates aren’t really needed.

There must be these two!

download (1)


I like the concept off brontoscorpio but it doesn’t really fit on it I fixed it for you


E750 gen 2 lol. Because in the season 3 there are 2 E750s

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Welcome back
Spoiler scorpius rex isn’t made from scorpion dna but has scorpion fish dna so scorpius rex won’t have brontoscorpio dna


maybe scorpius rex could have

  • demented strike (Nullify all positive effects for opponents, increase attack 25 percent for this turn, attack 1x bypassing armor)
    -unpredictable reign (50 percent chance to stun opponent, 1 turn, 50 percent chance to dodge 66.7% of damage, 50 percent chance to distract opponent 50% lasting 2 attacks, 1 turn. Attack 2x.)
    -revenge cloak
    -paralyzed shock (Priority- 100 percent chance to stun oppoenent for 1 turn. Deal DOT damage of 40 percent lasting this turn)

Nice idea tho. Would be nice but then i really want Rexy too. Ludia when does rexy and the aquanits ( or how to spell it- dinosaurs like Mosasaurus) to the game? I and much others want im and the dinosaurs like Mosasaurus…:slight_smile:

and plesiosaurus, megalodon, styxosaurus, henodus, archelon, tylosaurus, orthacanthus, hainosaurus, xiphactinus, ammonite, baculites, giant orthocone, dunkleosteus, protostega, liopleurodon, tusothetis, elasmosaurus, hauffiosaurus, trinacorenium, prognathodon, helicoprion, and umoonasaurus, edestus as well

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Don’t screw it up, but just tell me if the components in the episodes say!

Well nothing else was mentioned just these

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:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

10 scorpioni

Well the two ways i can see scorpius arriving without its components are it either becomes an apex or a non hybrid uniqe like para lux


I don’t know about you but I think it is difficult for Scorpius Rex to become an APEX! :thinking:

Yep. I don’t think he will become apex but we see


I say rexy, ceratosaurus, ceratosaurus gen 2 and Deinotherium will be in Deinotherium was mentioned in datamine


I’m really curious to see how (AND IF) they will forward it in the game!