[Fan Made] Release Notes {Update 2.17}


Welcome to 2.17!
There are New Creatures and New Abilities! There are 5 New Creatures!

New Creatures

Camarasaurus is a Resilient Taunting Tank
Screenshot 2022-05-27 10.30.16

Lythronax Gen 2 is a Resilient Tank
Screenshot 2022-05-27 10.38.00\

Lythrodactylus is a Fierce-Resilient Hit and Runner
Screenshot 2022-05-27 10.53.10

Camarakylosaurus is A Resilient Anti-Flock Tank

Ankylodon is a Fierce-Resilient Anti-Tank Tank
Screenshot 2022-05-27 11.43.02

New Abilities

Rexy is no longer an event-exclusive

Anything else I should add?

Creature stat changes

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Update 2.16 haven’t out yet
The player base: Release note 2.17 let’s go brrrrr

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Just kidding… hm… made Argenteryx a legendary is a good offer isn’t it?

which creatures?

Whatever you want

ok(10 characters)