Fan made update 2.14

Update 2.14 introduces new creatures, common raid boss, creature updates and a boost reset.

New creatures

Ceratosaurus is a fierce swap in chomper.

Rexy is a fierce damage increase chomped.It will act as a dartable legendary.

It is a fierce bleeder.

Creature updates.

Mortem Rex
Added 25% distraction resistance

Ankylos Lux
Ranking counter attack changed to maximal counter attack

Speed changed from 107 or 110
Added 75% stun resistance
Minor heal on escape added

Attack from 1600 to 1550

Armour piercing rampage changed to defense shattering rampage

Medium resilient counter added

Scorpios Rex gen 3
Attack reduced from 1350 to 1300

Distracting rampage changed to distracting impact
Nullifying impact changed to nullifying rampage

Added 75% distraction resistance

Attack changed from 1400 to 1450

Crit resistance changed from 50% to 100%

Crit resistance changed from 75% to 100%
Attack changed from 1400 to 1350

Crit resistance changed from 50% to 100%

New abilities

Ferocious shattering impact

Ability updates

Cautious cunning rampage renamed to Instant cunning rampage

Fierce swap in strike icon changed from persistent ferocious strike to fierce strike

New raid boss
Dimetrodon gen 2 will join raids starting at 25th Feb Friday


Dimetrodon gen2 is a common!? I don’t think it can be a raid


This update added common raids


Delay in Toxic Quills will make S-Rex G³ pretty much useless.


Not sure how to feel about this, it’s both useful for Mortem, to help it survive against the onslaught of Cunnings, but also might raise some issues.

I feel like Armor Piercing Counter would be better fit for Ankylos Lux than Max counter.

I feel this is over the top. Keep the speed the same and lower Stun Resistance to 67%.

Phorex needs more than this for sure… Attack to 1.5k, cooldown on Critical Sidestep, and maybe removing Stunning Obstruction.

Would prefer if Indoraptor was left unchanged.

Could be a nice addition for raids, so this is welcome.

Quite nice! Gives Pterovexus the chance to live a little longer with having Distraction first turn, then having an awesome turn two with Nullifying Rampage. I like this a lot.

This is alright. It doesn’t do much, really, and only helps in specific situations, so a Vulner, Slow, or Stun resistance would probably be better.

Both of these are unneeded really, but it wouldn’t change too much.

I like the Crit resistance buffed, but the attack drop isn’t necessary.

Argenteryx already cleanses Crit reduction, so this isn’t all that needed.

I like how CCR has been renamed and FSIS is getting the proper icon, but the S-Rex 3 nerf with Toxic Quills getting delayed is too harsh. That kills it’s viability turn one, and could hurt it real bad. Maybe just a nerf to the DoT% so it’s 25% instead of 33%. (And in exhange, make S-Rex’s Lethal Quill Shot actually have a lethal DoT effect, please.)

This is about as useful as giving everyone 100 Dimorphodon DNA. Not necessary.

This is only constructive criticism and my opinions, so you could feel different of course.


It’s a dimetrodon not dimorphodon

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I fixed the SR3 nerf problem


S-Rex G³ doesn’t need any changes at all.


Have to disagree on this. SR3 currently clearly is too dominant. One of the easiest uniques to create / level and therefore in nearly every team. It is one of the reasons why fierce cannot be used in todays meta (Well, Indotaurus is - But he also is broken and would need some rebalancing).

Especially with Anky Lux now joining every single team, we would need more end-game viable fierce creatures. But as long as SR3 is as it is now, this simply is not possible

  • Nerf SR3 attack
  • Delay on Toxic Quills
  • Reduce its resistances
  • Toxic Quills do 25% of dot

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What is the best nerf?

None of the above… There’s should be an option there.


It should counter fierce. That’s it’s purpose. It’s not easy to create. Everybody just had many Carno saved or unused.


I had no idea that it was wrong for a cunning to counter fierce, I guess the purpose of classes doesn’t matter anymore.


Of course it is OK that a cunning counters a fierce. But not that hard. Other cunnings at least have to take it a big hit after swapping in - SR3 doesnt. And if your creature (fierce or not) is not immune to DoT or stun, it will get killed without dealing any damage.

Its the combination of critical ambush and toxiq quills that is too much.


Indoraptor should stay the same. I think you are forgetting that people in lower arenas have to fight it every now and then and that they often struggle to do so


Entelolania will become the next testa in this update.Stun resistance plus healing on escape plus that speed increase combined with a spammable ferocious and high armour is too much


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ah yes, lets make rexy a dino that can deal 4500 damage turn one. this seems right. Im sorry, I love rexy too, but thats WAY too much.

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Wait dose it have that much?

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The 4500 is health

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