Fan made update 2.15

Update 2.15 introduces new creatures, new abilities, creature balancing and ability updates!

New creatures

Cave bear is a fierce resilient double attacker

Spinnoceratops from camp Cretaceous is a fierce resilient swap in hitter.

Ovirasaurus is a cunning resilient swapper.

Minitator is a cunning fierce damage increase flock.

Thylasaura is a multi functioned wild card.

New abilities
Double impact
Distracting wound
Instant armor piercing rampage

Creature updates

Gained maximal counter attack

Lesser group heal becomes group resilient impact

Gains swap in shattering strike

Health increased from 2700 to 3000
Speed resistance from 0% to 100%

Gaines medium counter attack

Acute stun becomes greater stunning strike

Health increased from 3300 to 3600
Rampage becomes precise rampage

Instant distraction becomes distracting wound

Damage reduced from 1550 to 1500

Ankylos Lux
Swap prevention resistance from 100% to 0%

Speed resistance from 75% to 50%

Attack increased from 1300 to 1400

Ability updates:

Alert instant shield strike now has a delay of 2 turns

Piercing Screech now deals 1.5 damage


Added: owen grady and claire dearing


Double impact is devastation lol

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Eridominus? U mean erlidominus?

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Double impact has no taunt, 1 delay only and triggers 2 counters.

Also I do mean erlidominus

Double impact is Frenzy, Spinnoceratops would be spelled with one n if it were correct… the good naming for it is Sino-Spino

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Double attacks don’t do that, contrary to how the description works… with frenzy even, it counters after the attack is completed. And Frenzy is RNG bait to be precise

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Sino-spino the perfect name

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The sino-spino should have FS instead of HS and LW for FI and Warming rampage it increases dmg, shield and cleanses instead of TQ

I can’t tell if that’s a joke or not lol

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It’s not lol


No. You have double the chance to crit. Negative passive effects would wear off two attacks instead of 1, and defensive buffs by the opponent would wear off two attacks instead of 1. This makes it considerably better than devastation.


Yeah! A hybrid for meeeeee. But why does it have 2% crit chance?


I think it’s supposed to be 20

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Spinoceratops is its official name check the wiki.

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I’m a moderator on the wiki :rofl:

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We’ve had about seven trolls change it back to Spinoceratops, but the canon name (through the S4 novel) is Sino-Spino :grin:


oh, when I look at it it said Spinoceratops.
But there is a gut felling inside me that that name is not a good name.

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Sino Spino is actually a nice name for the hybrid