Fan made Update 2.17(Arena Update)

The Arena Update

Update 2.17 brings new creatures, balance changes, new arenas, improved AI, and other upgrades and improvements to Jurassic World Alive!

What’s new?
• New creatures
• New abilities
•New arenas
•New creature rotations

What’s improved?
•Battle AI
•Arena system
•Creature updates
•Ability Updates

New Creatures


Ambulocetus - Common
Ambulocetus’ name literally means “walking whale”! This cenozoic predator acted just like a crocodile, waiting at the waters edge to lunge at prey before dragging them away.

Ambulocetus is a fierce, rending, lockdown and vulnerability specialist.

Alert Fierce Strike
Trap Jaw
Counter Vulnerability

Corythosaurus - Common
Corythosaurus like to live in large herds with other hadrosaurs such as Parasaurolophus. At the first sight of danger they create a stampede.

Corythosaurus is a resilient, healing, group hitter.
Regenerative Strike
Group Resilient Impact
Persistent Counter
Stunning Alert

Gigantophis - Common
Before the discovery of Titanoboa, Gigantophis was regarded as the largest snake ever. It used it’s massive body to constrict prey to death, just like modern day boas.

Gigantophis is a fierce resilient, shielding trapper.
Shielded Piercing Impact
On Escape Dust Cloud

Gomphotherium - Common
Gomphotherium has a shorter trunk than modern elephants. It’s four tusks helped it in digging up plants from mud.

Gomphotherium is a resilient, self buffing tank.
Persistent Ferocious Strike
Defensive Alert

Miracinonyx - Common
Also known as the American Cheetah, Miracinonyx chased down prey like pronghorn antelope during the ice age.

Miracinonyx is a cunning fierce, high speed counter attacker.
Daring Strike
Speed Burst
Fierce Counter

Ceratosaurus - Epic
Although Ceratosaurus is smaller than theropods like Allosaurus, it is still an effective hunter. It’s impressive horns also allow it to intimidate potential threats.

Ceratosaurus is a fierce resilient, heavy hitting counter attacker.
Heavy Strike
Intimidating Impact
Group Taunting Shields
Defense Shattering Counter-Attack

Daeodon - Epic
With a name meaning “Hostile Tooth”, this Entelodont is not to be messed with! It’s strong jaws allow it to cut through tough plants and unlucky victims alike.

Daeodon is a fierce, group buffing, group attacker.
Group Defense Shattering Strike
Cleansing Fatal Strike
Group Shattering Impact
Counter Fury
Minor Heal On Escape

Brontocetus - Rare
Hybrid Components - Brontotherium + Ambulocetus
Waiting underwater for prey, this hybrid uses it’s greater strength and shovel like horn to flip unwary animals over, before going in for the kill.

Brontocetus is a fierce resilient, shielding, lockdown, and rending anti-tank tank.
Long Defense Strike
Heavy Strike
Trap Jaw
Vulnerability Impact
Exposing Counter
Swap In Shields

Tanycophis - Rare
Hybrid Components - Tanycolagreus + Gigantophis
Much faster and lighter than Gigantophis, this snake slithers through the forest and makes quick lunges at prey from the undergrowth. It’s feathers help keep it’s movements silent.

Tanycophis is a wildcard, shielding, nullifying, trapper.
Shielded Nullifying Impact
Definite Impact
Armor Piercing Impact
On Escape Dust Cloud

Einiotherium - Rare
Hybrid Components - Einiorosaurus + Gomphotherium
The large frill on this pachyderm’s head makes it an impenetrable wall. It’s long tusks and thick hide also help deter any predators that dare to attack.

Einiotherium is a resilient, self buffing, swap in tank.
Persistent Ferocious Strike
Alert Defensive Heal
Greater Stunning Strike
Ferocious Strike
Swap In Stunning Strike

Kentrodon - Legendary
Hybrid Components - Kentrosaurus + Daeodon
The sharp spikes and large teeth of this hybrid may look intimidating, but it only eats plants. However, Kentrodon can be aggressive if you get too close, so be careful when approaching one.

Kentrodon is a fierce resilient, group buffing, counter attacking, group attacker.
Fierce Decelerating Strike
Ferocious Spikes
Group Shattering Impact
Group Resilient Impact
Medium Decelerating Counter-Swing
Minor Heal On Escape

Dracocornisaurus - Unique
Hybrid Components - Ceratosaurus + Alankylosaurus
While still smaller than other big predators, Dracocornisaurus makes up for it in heavy armor. It is still able to move fast due to the many segments in it’s armor, as well as hollow bones.

Dracocornisaurus is a fierce resilient, shielding counter attacker.
Shielded Heavy Strike
Intimidating Impact
Alert Long Invincibility
Resilient Rampage
Defense Shattering Counter-Attack
Swap In Invincibility

New Abilities


Trap Jaw- Target: Highest HP. Break Shields. Bypass armor. Rend 50% of target’s max HP. Unable to swap for 1 turn. Delay 0, CD 2.

Regenerative Strike- Target: Lowest HP. Attack 1x. Target: Self. Rally heal by 12.0%.

Coil- Priority. Target: Lowest HP. Precise. Attack 1x. Reduce speed by 75% for 2 turns. Unable to swap for 1 turn.

Shielded Piercing Impact- Target: Lowest HP. Bypass armor. Attack 1.5x. Target: Self. Shield by 50% for 2 turns, 2 attacks. Delay 0, CD 2.

Defensive Alert- Secure: Target: Lowest HP. Attack 1.5x. Target: Self. Shield by 75% for 1 turn, 4 attacks
Threatened(50% HP or less): Target: Lowest HP. Attack 1x. Target: Self. Shield by 50% for 1 turn, 4 attacks. Increase attack by 25% for 2 turns, 1 attack. Delay 1, CD 1.

Speed Burst- Priority. Target: Lowest HP. Attack 1.5x. Target: Self. Cleanse speed decrease. Increase speed 75% for 3 turns. Impose vulnerability 10% for 2 turns, 2 attacks. Delay 0, CD 2.

Counter Fury- Target: Self. Increase attack by 10% for 3 turns, 2 attacks. Increase speed by 10% for 2 turns. Target: Attacker. Increase attack by 5.0% for 2 turns, 1 attack.

Shielded Nullifying Impact- Target: Most positive effects. Attack 1.5x. Nullify all positive effects. Target: Self. Shield by 50% for 2 turns, 2 attacks. Delay 0, CD 2.

Alert Defensive Heal- Secure: Target: Self. Cleanse all negative effects. Shield by 50% for 2 turns, 4 attacks. Heal by 1.5x.
Threatened (33.4% HP or less): Priority. Target: Self. Cleanse all negative effects. Shield by 50% for 2 turns, 4 attacks. Heal by 2x. Delay 0, CD 3.

Ferocious Spikes- Target: Team. Increase attack by 50% for 3 turns, 6 attacks. Target: All opponents. Attack 1x. Decrease speed by 50% for 2 turns. Delay 0, CD 3.

Alert Long Invincibility- Secure: Target: Self. Shield by 100% for 3 turns, 2 attacks.
Threatened (50% HP or less): Priority. Target: Self. Shield by 100% for 3 turns, 4 attacks. Delay 0, CD 3.

Medium Decelerating Counter-Swing- Target: All opponents. Attack 0.5x. Decrease speed by 50% for 1 turn.

Shattering Counter- Target: Attacker. Break shields.

New Creature Rotations


Find the rare Albertosaurus, Rodrigues Solitaire, Arctops, the epic Sonorasaurus, and the legendary Rexy on the map!

Find the common Ambulocetus, Corythosaurus, Gigantophis, Gomphotherium, Miracinonyx, and the epic Ceratosaurus on the map!

Find the epic Daeodon in exclusive events and store offers!

New Arenas


To improve more skilled players battle experience, we have decided to add 2 new arenas!
Sorna Redwoods- 6500-7000 trophies
Visitor Center- 7000+ trophies

Improved Battle AI


We have noticed that the battle AI is not up to date with arena viable creatures. They have been updated according to the meta in each arena.
Battle AI is now available as an alternative to PvP! Players may select to battle an AI before beginning a match. Note that these battles will not reward coins or trophies, only incubators.
Battle AI in arenas 1-4 will provide coin and trophies after each battle.

Improved Arena System


Improved Arena System
There has been an issue with players facing much stronger or weaker opponents in the arena. This has been addressed with a new matchmaking system.
Players in arenas 1-10 will now no longer be able to fight players in the area above their current one unless they are 50 points away from the next arena. -Additionally players within an arena can only fight others within a 150 trophy range of their current score.
Players who have lost 500 or more trophies will receive AI battles that will reward or take away trophies until they have regained their footing in the arena.

Creature Updates


Battle data has shown that Imperatosuchus is too strong against the meta. It has been rebalanced in it’s stats and abilities.
Stats: Swap prevention and rend resistance removed.
Abilities: Defense Shattering Counter-Attack removed.

Haast Maximus
This apex creature has fallen behind others of it’s rarity. We have given it improved stats and abilities to give it a fighting chance!
Stats: 0% Swap prevention, 75% distraction, stun resistance → 100% resistance

Albertocevia is over performing in comparison to unique creatures. It’s stats and abilities have been adjusted in order to fix this.
Stats: HP 4650 → 4350
Attack 1650 → 1500
Speed 121 → 119
Abilities: Distracting Revenge Blow becomes Revenge Distracting Impact.
Fierce Counter becomes Shattering Counter.
Swap In Devour Strike removed

Despite previous buffs this pterosaur has been found to be weaker than other hybrids. It’s stats and abilities have been buffed in response.
Stats: HP 4050 → 4200
Abilities: Pinning Strike becomes Daring Strike. Minor Swoop becomes Cleansing Swoop. Cunning Rampage becomes Evasive Cunning Impact.

Although she is the empress of Isla Nublar, Rexy has become too dominant! We have adjusted her stats and abilities to let the other creatures of Jurassic World fight back.
Stats: HP 4950 → 4650
Bleed and rend resistance removed.
75% Stun resistance → 100% resistance
Abilities: Slowing Swap In removed.
Defense Shattering Revenge replaced with Fierce Impact.

Ability Updates


Bask- Cool down increased to 3. Heal reduced to 1x multiplier.

Death Roll-Cool down increased to 2.

Fearless Flap-Damage multiplier increased to 1.5x.

Piercing Screech- Increase Speed multiplier increased to 30%. Increased crit chance multiplier increased to 50%. Cool down reduced to 2.

Instant Ferocious Revenge- Attack increase occurs after damage.

Evasive Cunning Impact- Cool down increased to 2.

Dominant Roar- Bypass armor added. Increase speed removed. Increase crit chance by 75% for 2 turns, 2 attacks added. Increase attack duration increased to 3 turns, 2 attacks. Attack increase occurs after damage.

Fierce Devouring Rampage- Cool down increased to 2.

Devouring Wound- Cool down increased to 2.

Determined Strike- Impose vulnerability removed. Reduce crit chance removed.


I feel like imperatosuchus was gutted too hard. You nerfed half it’s moveset and the creature itself. Probably do one or the other


Put it’s health back to 4650 and kept the bleed resistance. Should I do anything to bask to make up for the nerf it got or is imperato ok now?


This update addresses quite a lot of issues with the current game, which I like. Lots of creatures toned down to make them balanced, and the addition of 3 new rare hybrids is something the game really needs. My one problem with it is that I feel like Albertocevia was nerfed a bit too hard. It lacks the huge damage output it had before, which makes it worse than Andrewtops. Maybe bring the damage back up in exchange for lower speed, and bring back a non-damaging non-cleansing version of the counter?


I guess Acevia should be better than andrewtops, I’ll fix that real quick


I think 1500 damage should be the most it will have, but yeah hopefully this keeps it usable without being the total monster it is right now.


Your fan update is better than a lot of the official updates which says a lot about the game. You put great care in making the creatures balanced and added some canon creatures like cerato which people have been asking for for years.
Good job


Imo you should be able to get coins from these battles, though I do understand it would maybe be to easy to farm coins as JWA’s AIs suck.


I was debating whether or not to keep the coin reward for AI battles, and honestly there’s good points on either side. Players should be more inclined to progress through the arena and earn better rewards, but at the same time that can be very difficult and frustrating right now.


Quick question. Just, why?

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Because Determined Strike is way too strong


I suppose there aren’t that many creatures that have resistances to either but you say that like all those abilities that can cleanse all negative affects aren’t enough to mitigate those combined effects.

It’s not that Determined Strike is overpowered (though it is really strong), it’s more about the fact that it outclasses Daring Strike and Heavy Strike. Heavy Strike cleanses 2 effects, removes 1 effect, and bypasses armor, Daring Strike cleanses 2 effects, bypasses armor, and distracts, but Determined Strike cleanses 2 effects, removes 2 effects (3 if counting crit), distracts, reduces crit chance, and applies vulnerability, despite Daring Strike not removing effects and Heavy Strike not applying vulnerability.


What’s makes this all the more head scratching is that both Daring and Determined came out at the same time and yet Determined carries both effects of Resilient and Cunning Strike except with Precise instead of removing Dodge and Cloak. So what happened behind the scenes to leave both Daring and Heavy to be so half completed would be a million dollar question here.