Fan made Update 2.17

Update 2.17:Aka the Environmental Update


Regions are no more!Instead there are Environments!There are based in 7 separate environments with different classes spawn,this makes travel a better option,although no OP creatures will spawn in certain Environments to make it more fair.
Of course most people playing aren’t in these areas but whatever major geographical area is closest to them,THAT is what makes your Environment

The Environments

Savannah/Plains:Cunning Creatures




Deserts:Cunning Fierce/Cunning Resilient

Snow:Resilient Fierce/Resilient Cunning

Natural Waters:Fierce Resilient/Cunning Fierce

There are scents that allow you to have certain animals from different Environments

New Creatures

New Abilities

Creature Nerfs and Buffs

Fierce Devouring Rampaged changed to Fierce Devouring Impact
Heal Reduced to 3 Turns and 0.5x the damage dealt
Defense Shattering a revenge Changed to Fierce Rampage
Dominant Roar speed increase decreased to 20%
Speed Decrease and Damage Over Time Immunities and Resistances removed
Swap in Slow Removed

Instant Ferocious Revenge Loses Instant
Precise Revenge changed to Revenge Rampage
Swap In Removed

Super Distraction Loses Cloak Removal
Cunning Rampage changed to Distracting Rampage
Passive Removed
Damage Over Time:75-100
Damage Reduction:100-75

Fierce Decelerating Strike-Resilient Strike
Death Roll:1.5-1x Damage
Bask:Remove Stun
Vulnerable Rampage-Decelerating Rampage
No Escape Strike-No Escape
Damage Over Time:67-20
Swap Prevention:67-100

Obstructing Fierce Impact:50% Damage Increase for 4 Turns
Fierce Rampage-Fierce Devouring Rampage
Ferocious Restore:10% Speed-25% Speed
Crushing Alert Showdown Removed
Bait Added
Crit Reduction:0-75

Defense Shattering Wound-Fierce Strike
Merciless Assault now destroys Shields and does 20% damage for 3 Turns
Damage Over Time:75-100
Resistance to Stun:0-100

I hope you like it

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Concaventor Wrangler here nice but regions are kinda important othee then albertocevia nerf all is good

Albertocevia is ridiculously broken I kinda had to nerf it

A lot of these nerfs are way too extreme. Albertocevia doesn’t need any resistance removed as they come from its ingredients who already have naturally high resistances, and the precision from Edaphocevia also got removed. Refrenantem also got hit way too hard, now being even worse than it was before its big buff.


Overnerf and overbuff

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It already got nerfed and u didn’t even spell it right

(It’s Refrenantem)

K these nerfs and buffs may be extreme,I’ll probably keep a few changes but a lot of these are going to go

K is it better now

This is what I think

Environments are an awful idea. Limiting people’s options to dart to only one class makes darting anything almost pointless if you aren’t going for the event creatures, and if the creatures you get are not what you are looking for. Also, the balancing choices are not that great… I’m all for a Rexy nerf, but you overdid it. Defense Shattering Revenge and Fierce Devouring Rampage weren’t really the issue, it’s Rexy’s roar that is. I’m ok with the HP and Attack nerf, along with the nerf to DR (Instead of decreasing it to 20% speed increase, how about 10%? This way Rexy outspeeds most Resilients but Cunnings can still beat Rexy.) and removal of SSS, but DSR, FDR, and the Rexy’s Speed Decrease nerf was unnecessary. Albertocevia also got hit a bit too hard. Cevia should lose the Swap-In and Counter, along with a nerf of Precise Revenge to lose it’s Precision. IFR also needs a nerf, probably just remove the Priority and only have it on Revenge. Maybe a stat nerf, like Health and speed, but besides that, it should be good. Ref got WAY overdone. It went from amazing Apex dino too almost unusable. All it needs is a nerf to SD (Remove the DOT) and a Health nerf. That’s it. Imperato became more Resilient now, and we really don’t need that. It should be more Fierce. I’d say keep the HP and armor the same, with a small attack nerf, remove the Decel from FDS and just make it Fierce Strike, and remove Stun from Bask. Giganyx doesn’t really need any changes, and Albertospinos’ changes seem ok, besides the Speed buff.


Thanks for the tips

What do you all think about the new creatures

Just choose 1 to target

I mean it’s clearly built for raids

Really balanced

Make it attack all opponents

I mean the slow isn’t via attack

Oooh I like that apex ideA

Why the heck did you buff Giganyx.