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Fan picked event

There should be a fan picked event where we get to choose from all the Dino’s and the most popular choices are in the event it doesn’t seem like we get enough of those


With we do it I will choose Trex, blue, Spio gen 2,

We just had those. Especially the Valentine’s Day one. But I wouldn’t mind more. Tenonto is always nice to pick.

we only have blue but spio gen 2 we have not have for a long time ore docaraptor the new one

Dakotaraptor had a strike a couple weeks ago, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it. Spino Gen 2 is out and about, and Blue just sucks, though we did see it last week.

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they tend to do fan picked things for holidays. always keep an eye out for surveys in the weeks leading up to it. St. Patrick’s day will probably be the next time we have community picked stuff.


Did they do that last St. Patrick’s Day?

Sometimes we have weeks where we choose the creatures.

A week with only exclusive creatures would be a dream. I would particularly choose a week similar to this.

for indorapor gen 2 for new people, Dakotaraptor strike was hard my leval 23 mono just dies every time I do a rematch.

I may have miss it playing Halo 2 on legendary.

not always. they tend to go with a green theme for it. but it is the next holiday that they have the opportunity to have the players dictate some of the creatures.

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They usually have a bad theme for holiday events like only green creatures for st Patrick’s day I would like it to be the whole roster

That’s kinda overkill. I wouldn’t mind something different this year though

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Voting on the whole roster for an event doesn’t sound like over kill to me it’s better than just getting to choose from 3 green Dino’s or something like that

Oh. I thought you meant the whole roster to dart. Oops

I should have clarified

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