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[Fan Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.7 In My Version

This is update 2.7 in my version

New raid bosses,creatures,ability’s and achievements are in 2.7 and a new fun in this update in Jurassic World Alive and a brand new apex creature is in 2.7 read more details about this update happy playing

What’s new in 2.7

  • New raid bosses

  • New abilities

  • New achievements

  • Ability updates

  • Creature updates

  • New creatures

  • Bug fixes

New raid bosses

The Smilodon,Monolometrodon and Quetzorion have entered the raid boss schedule

New abilities

Venom wound (Titanalpha)

Group distraction rampage (Diloracheirus)

New achievements

Several new achievements have entered the update complete them and get badges and other rewards

Ability updates

Revenge shattering rampage now deals 3X when on revenge

Creature updates

Cautious strike cleansing impact armor piercing rampage evasive stance

Cunning strike group distraction rampage lesser group heal greater emergency heal

Resilient strike group decelerating rampage slowing impact

New creatures

Bug fixes

A purple screen appears when device turns off for a really long time while in a battle

The game goes very slow and you can’t choose a creatures ability


I hear compsognathus g1 and 2, dodo, and 2 new apex bosses are being announced in the official code.

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I am ok why

Isnt making fake release notes against the rules here?

As long as they are marked as such I believe they were fine.


It’s not labeled under Announcements @Dimodactylus , I think it should be ok, if a fan made update was labeled under the Announcements category then that would be breaking the rules. (Then again I don’t know much about how the Forums works so, yeah. :sweat_smile:)

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50% dot? in 3 turns?! a creature with that would die in 2 turns

Still confusing and a bit frustrating to see [Release Notes] as the first part of the title every time it pops up to the top.


How dare you @MichGoCr :pleading_face:

I actually thought my topic would get a lot more likes then 1 like and I also thought that people would add nice comments instead of saying it is not pronounced under announcements or saying that 50% DOT is bad I thought this topic will go well but I guess it didn’t :weary:

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@Dino12345 you like @MichGoCr trash topic post

If you don’t mind me asking what would the apex snake look like? Just curious.

Except if it has 50 percent resistance which would only deal only 75 percent damage total.

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Like a black titanboa but glows purple

People on the forums aren’t a huge fan of “fan made release notes” Don’t really think people should act rudely about it however. My philosophy is if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it. Now this doesn’t mean don’t complain about updates as that’s just feedback right :grin:

Also, I wouldn’t be so worried about “likes”. They have no actual value and are pointless. There only meaning is to give one if you respect, agree, or generally just like what someone posted. If you are at this forum just to max likes than I think you have come for the wrong reason. People here come to give feedback and talk to fellow JWA players, not to score the most likes on a small forum platform.


Seriously as far as i am aware there has not been so far any ** Official release of the V2.7 update notes** just over a week ago there was a similar post that stated what would be coming out in V2.7 but nothing ever came of it so i say sit back, relax, chill out and wait for the ** LUDIA Official Release notes of V2.7 ** when they are released and not before.

Forum members going off half baked ideas stating something that is not nor has not been confirmed officially by LUDIA Games only leads to confusion for forum members that believe some of these wild theories even though they are not true in any way, shape or form because of the following facts.

A. They have not been confirmed officially by LUDIA Games.
B. No official release notes have been announced by LUDIA Games yet.
C. No official date has been set or confirmed by LUDIA Games to date for the upcoming V2.7 update.
D. Plus there is also the added fact that as far as i and many hundreds / thousands of others that frequent these forums know it is a breach of forum rules / guidelines to post anything that appears to be any official release note(s) proposing to be from LUDIA Games … which the ones posted above are not.!.

My suggestion would be to remove the post entirely as it could cause a ripple effect within the forums with members quarreling over whether any of the information posted above is true or not.


Think that would look cool.
I think it should have a spike on the end of its tail makes it more menacing and maybe for the group hit it swings its tail.
But I like the black and purple colour scheme.

@Dinosaur_attack I didn’t say it was bad, I just meant it didn’t make a lot of sense

Everyone to clarify, we have a rule about user created “release notes” which I will link here for all to see.

Make sure to read this rule and keep it in mind. Thanks everybody.


Over all ok for a fan made release note. Venomous wound is overpowered, make cooldown 2 and lower the bleed amount to around 25%. Group Distracting Rampage is nice, but Diloracheirus really doesn’t need it. If anything give it Revenge Cunning Impact, and have something else take Group Distracting Rampage. Revenge Shattering Rampage is fine as is, no need to add 3x damage and make it overpowered. Indoraptor change is ok, neither good nor bad. Dilo I already discussed, and random Amargosaurus buff, but that’s similar to what Ludia does, so can’t blame ya there. Guanlong is way too slow. Buff that to around 129-130. Maybe health to 2700? Sphena needs a small speed nerf (120 should be fine) and Crit Chance nerf to 20%. Gigantopis is really weird for a snake. Give it immunity to distraction and some kind of On Escape, maybe Dust Cloud? Also damage is a bit much, around 1400 should be fine. Scutopelta is pretty good. Only thing I would consider changing is the swap in defense to either swap in invincibility or reduce the damage to 1100 but give it Medium Decelerating Counter/Exposing Counter. Acrodominus is pretty bad. I would give it 4500 health, 1600 damage, and 107 speed. For the moves, change Fierce Impact to Fierce Rampage, and have Definite Rampage become Cloak (not Revenge Cloak, just normal cloak). Believe me when I say Definite Rampage sucks and needs a buff. For the apex, I already discussed what Venomous Wound should be changed to, but if you keep distraction on it, change Tiranalpha to a wildcard. Armor Piercing Impact could change to Decelerating Impact, and Definite Rampage to Fierce Rampage. I’m not going to comment on the raids, bug fixes, or achievements however. No need to.