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[Fan Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.7 In My Version

Those brackets had me frightened. I was afraid Ludia rushed yet another update and gave us another dog-evacuation of an update.
Would you mind changing them?


Yes, I was disappointed because I look forward to the release notes for each update and the [Release Notes] tag gets a lot of people’s hopes up. I did have nothing against the content of the post though.

I think the addition of [Relase Notes] in the brackets is causing a lot of confusion. Maybe that particular format shouldn’t be allowed for Fan Made ones?


1: rename group distraction rampage to group distracting rampage.
2: wheres my alloraptor badge
3: no. do not do that to revenge shattering rampage. way too strong.
4: dont give indo cs. buff it in other ways.
5: guanlong is way too slow for that hp. also, illegal health number.
6: why is gigantophis so different from the other snakes. the attack is way too high, and it lacks an on escape ability.
7: scutopelta has an illegal health number, attack is too high, and lacks the counter
8: acrodominus has an illegal health number, and where are cloak and the resistances?
9: titanalpha has an illegal health number and is way too strong. decrease the attack a bit.
10: “the game goes vert slow and you can’t choose a creatures ability” that has to do with internet connection. dont blame ludia.

if this is what 2.7 turns out as, i would riot.


@Dinosaur_attack if you change the title from [Release Notes] to [Fan Release Notes] then that would solve the Confusion issue. :wink:


Ypur apex boa os too broken 50%DOT overm3 turns=50x3=150% of opponent hp=opponent dino will get ko’d by 2 turn if it did not cleanse immediatly

I love how you can obviously tell what some creatures on badges are and how they aren’t that hard to decipher or tell what they are, I hope I can get a badge of me some day, but I can only hope

if they did I would do all I could to unlock the badge lol

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What do you mean by “illegal health number”?

He dislikes health that’s not divisible by 30, and damage that’s not divisible by ten.

Thanks for the heads up!

they are´t fake its just his ideal update.