Fancy a change?

Here’s a chance to rekindle your JWA experience with an alliance that will help you feel at home, and is truly able to offer you the fun that may be missing from your time with this game.

We have players from all over the world and all levels of experience so you’ll be sure to get help with whatever you are looking for.

We don’t have level 20 sanctuaries because we don’t want the hassle involved with them (So there you go, how’s that for honesty!). However you can place your dinos in our sanctuaries and they generally reach reasonable levels.

We prefer to hope you’ll play daily because you want to, not because we put unreasonable expectations out there.

Other than the ten takedowns in tourneys we don’t insist on anything other than logging in and doing your bit (whatever that may be) daily.

Now the best thing about us, our adults only discord which you will need to join. Sorry kids but us oldies like a place that’s not gonna be full of kids stuff. The language, memes, and general subject matter are often not suitable for children or those of a sensitive nature. If you don’t like that we aren’t the place for you, and that’s cool. If you are an adult that likes a place to wind down, have a laugh, and generally sound off or chill though, we may be just the right place for you.

If this interests you send me a dm on here and let’s see if your JWA experience can be enhanced by a change of environment.


@YuMMyToXxins You’ve not been our alliance, I don’t know where that came from?

Maybe you meant a previous alliance from ages ago perhaps

Littlefoots and The last Resort?

Yeah I was in both but haven’t been in either for a while now.
Have you left too?

I am looking for new , active alliance. I am new player but progessing quickly and very active.

A quick bump… we have a couple of spaces and ideally would love to fill them with like minded adults who have yet to start this months tourney.

We hit tier 9 last month and 10/9 on weeklies so if you are interested send me a pm here and let’s talk

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