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Fancy joining us?

If you are an active player who is looking for an alliance that will reap the rewards you deserve, come and join us at Pounce Global.

We are an international, English speaking alliance who regularly reach 9/9 and with a couple of active new members could hit 10/10.

It’s all about fun primarily, but we don’t tolerate anyone who thinks joining us is an easy meal ticket. Stay in touch on chat or on our discord, request, battle and donate regularly, and shoot plenty of direct hits and it’s all good.

Message on here and we will get back to you

Fairly new player but at 2321 trophies. I have nine supply stations within range of my house, so I can play often each day, regardless of weather. Have made the daily goal each day so far. Present alliance has been running 5/6 but seems to be imploding.

Interested if spots still available lvl 20 active with 5800 trophies

I’m a very active and top member in my original alliance I’m in, they have a lot of inactive members though so I’m shopping for myself and my girlfriend for a new alliance. I’m currently 4565 trophies/Level 17, username Kavid

Thanks for the messages guys, I’m gonna get our leader to contact you all

Both apply to Pounce Global please! Space will be made for the two of you

Apply to. Pounce Global Please!

We left our alliance, You should have a Kavid and a Naomi applied to Pounce Global