[FANMADE] 2.3-Jw:Dominion Updates

Hopefully by Jw: Dominion Updates, We will have:
Lystrosaurus (that spoiler)
Dreadnoughtus (that briefcase)
Compsagnauthus(I mean come on these compys were in the movies )
Carno G2
Maybe Mamenchisaurus
(wanted) Mosasaurus
Mosasaurs probably not gonna happen
but I can at least dream. :zzz: :sleeping:


I do think there will be a JW: Dominion Update to JWA. The issue is that it won’t come out until the movie comes out which might be awhile.

I know, but I think that once it comes out, these creatures will or already have been added to the game


Oh, thanks for the clarification. Although not sure about the mosasaurus being added.

The dominion update will most likely be 3.0 because it will come out around mid-2022 and there will be a lot more updates until then

i know so 2.3-3.0 these dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures should be there (except for mosa that was just wishful thinking)

You never know, 3.0 could be the aquatic update!

Heres my little Donut

Hoping this guy will find his way into Dominion…

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if this does happen, I seriously hope that the carno gen 2 has a cloak to pay tribute to the books. And the compy would be kinda surprising, but I feel as though there’s a way it could come into the game. It would be odd to be beaten by a compy(wouldn’t be surprised if someone maxed the boosts on it), but then again its odd to see a rex beaten by a turtle so it is possible

3.0? More like 5.0

Not really. 2.0 took 2 full years to come out after 1.0, so we can assume that 2022 will be the next BIG change

but then we dont fully know that it will come out in 2022
it could keep getting delayed

I mean, we did just get 3 updates in the last 4 months did we not?