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Fanmade Apex Discussion

Hey guys, so I was wondering what you think of these two fanmade Apexes I created. Reason for that is that I‘m currently working on some concept art pieces and stuff, but first I wanted to make sure that the stats and abilities are balanced. So not too op, but also not too weak/leame for Apexes.

I‘m thankful for any constructive suggestion and input. :slight_smile:

So, first one is Ymir (Cryotitanus Rex)


Next is Lucy (Skythonychus imperator). I wanted her to be useful as a possible raid dinosaur (different targets in Ripping Scythes).


Final one is my mascot lol. It was meant as a joke, but I still did it.


They look really cool!

They all look pretty good. I would make Cryo Wildcard, though. Also with Ripping Scythes, I would have it Nullify, then attack. Big difference. Alex is a Cunning Fierce, but with such little health I would either tack on Deceleration Immunity or some more health.