[Fanmade] Jurassic World Alive - Update 2.19 Release Note - The Deus and Prosauropod Update


The big update 2.19 brings new creatures, new abilities, new raids bosses, new animations, new arenas, new achivements, bug fixes, creatures rotation, the first 2 flock creature and the majestic Geminideus ! Not only that but also sanctuary and DNA request update !

What’s new?

  • New Creatures
  • New Ablilities
  • New Raids
  • New Animations
  • New Arenas
  • New Achivements

What’s improved?

  • Creature Updates
  • Sanctuary Update
  • DNA Request Update
  • Creatures Rotation
  • Bug fixes
New Creatures







New Ablilities

New Raids
  • The rare Incisivosaurus will join Refrenatem as a raid, the friday xx
  • The strong rare Auroch will join as a raid the saturday xx
  • The cunning Guanlong will join as a raid the sunday xx
  • The epic Gryposaurus will join as a raid the friday xx
  • The large epic Shunosaurus will join as a raid the saturday xx
  • The Pro-sauropod Plateosaurus will join as a raid the sunday xx
  • The legendary Parasolophus Lux will join as a raid the friday xx
  • The great Cetiodeus will join as a raid the saturday xx
  • The unique Grypochuanosaurus will join as a raid the friday xx
  • The long and strong Plateotitan will join as a raid the saturday xx
  • The cautious Miavis will join as a raid the sunday xx
New Animations
  • We added two news types of animations !
    The dog (flock) animation and the Pro-sauropod animation !
New Arenas
  • Two Arenas have been added :
  • Isla Nublar Valley (Arena 11)
  • Jurassic World Gate Entrance (Arena 12)
New Achivements
  • Pro-sauropod Amateur : obtain at least 2 pro-sauropd creatures
  • Pro-sauropod Expert : obtain at least 5 pro-sauropd creatures
  • Pro-sauropod Master : obtain at least 10 pro-sauropd creatures
  • Titano fight : used Plateotitan to beat Nodopatitan
  • The Deus Master : have Cetiodeus, Stegodeus and Geminideus in your collection
Creatures Updates

Sanctuary Update
  • You can now place non hybrid legendaries creatures ! You will be able to receive between 1 and 5 Legendary DNA.
  • We increase the Epic DNA you get now between 4 and 10.
DNA Request Update
  • Once per 2 months you will be able to ask legendaries DNA for a maximum of 50 DNA. You will be able to give a maximum of 10 DNA.
Creatures Rotation
  • Find Cetiosaurus, Homotherium, Anchisaurus, Sauropelta, Yunnanosaurus, Incisivosaurus, Miacis, Guanlong, Gryposaurus, Dicraeosaurus, Eryops, Shunosaurus, Ingenia and Plateosaurus on the map !
  • Find Lufengosaurus, Hypsilophodon, Yanchuanosaurus, Vegavis, Massopondylus, Thecodontosaurus, Miavis, Plateotitan, Aardolong, Grypochuanosaurus, Alxagenia, Eryosuchus, Lufengochisaurus, Yunnopelta, Hypsilotodon, Auroceratops, Yunnanoleosaurus Therizitherium, Cetiodeus, Shunogasaurus, Incisivophodon and Geminideus on event and event incubators !
  • Find Shatungasaurus, Gargoyleosaurus, Auroch and Aardonyx in the two new arenas !
Bug fixes
  • All map lag and freeze has been fixed !
  • Optimization of PvP battles for better experience and better speed tie between players !
  • Optimization of the loading of the creatures showcase to allow players easier access to their creatures !

(NOTE : this is a FANMADE and if anything from this post is added to the game in the future it’s just a coincidence )


I like the Sanctuary Update

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also i have a level 16 Iguanodon so if that buff came i would use him in strikes even more

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Yes it would be cool if it would happen in game

Yeah same but the creature adjustments part isn’t finish so stay tuned for futurs creature adjustments :wink:

Finally done with this post, I’m proud of it. I will probably add my version of 2.20