[Fanmade] JWA Update 2.0 Patch Notes

Update 2.0 is here! And this is one of the biggest creature features ever done! Remember, this all fanmade.

**New Moves**

Not all of these moves will be applied to the creatures in this update

New moves:
-Vulnerable Distraction: Deal 1x damage, inflict Vulnerability, inflict 50% Distraction for 1 turn (Basic Move).
-Random Strike: Deal 1x damage, inflict any random negative status onto your opponent OR random positive status effect on yourself. Lasts until the end of the next turn (Basic Move).
-Long Cleanse: Cleanse self, automatically cleanse any debuff for the next two turns (Cooldown 3)
-Cleansing Shielding Strike: Deal 1x damage, cleanse self, gain 50% shield for 1 turn (Basic Move).
-Nulling Distraction: Deal 1x damage, remove positive effects, inflict 50% Distraction for 1 turn (Basic Move).

-Virulent attacks are applied to creatures who would use Venom, they work like bleed but revolve around dealing a percentage of your base damage, and have a lingering slowing effect. Effect does stack and can be paired with bleed.

-(Basic Attack) Minimal Virulent Strike: Deal 1x damage, reduce speed by 50% and DoT 0.15x of base your damage for 2 turns
-Virulent Attack: Deal 1x damage, reduce speed by 50% and DoT 0.33x of your base damage for 2 turns, (Cooldown 2)
-Greater Virulent Attack: Deal 1x damage, reduce speed by 50% and DoT .5x of base your damage for 2 turns (Cooldown 3)
-Virulent Takedown: Deal 1x damage, reduce speed by 50% and DoT 1x of your base damage for 2 turns, (Delay 1, Cooldown 3)

**Alliance Bosses**

Alliances now have a new addition; Boss Battles! Now, when you are at the final tier, the Incubator will read “Battle Ready!” Once you tap, a list of ALL of your alliance’s team creatures will appear, and you can choose a maximum of eight creatures to bring into battle with you. For example, you and another player are in an Alliance. The list will show both the dinosaurs on your team, and the dinosaurs on their team as well. You can choose eight of ANY of these creatures. Stat Boosts will also be applied, hold down to see the creature’s stats to be sure you have the correct ones. The boss battles require that at least ONE FOURTH of your Alliance successfully completes the battle in order to earn DOUBLE of what you normally would obtain from the incubators. Those who aren’t part of the fourth can choose to battle anyways, but are not required to do so. If 6/8 of your selected creatures succumb to the Boss, you will be issued a loss, but can battle again as many times as you wish in order to get that win.
-List of Current Bosses:
-Taurus 03: This overgrown and mutant Dracoceratops is truly a monster. She has 4k health, 2k attack, 128 speed, 20% armor, and a 20% critical chance. With these stats, she’s got some intense moves as well, including Minimal Speedup Strike, Armor Piercing Rampage, Greater Stunning Rampage, and Dig In. She is Immune to Stuns.
-Thor 20: The ultimate tank destroying monster has just gotten even scarier. Thor 20 bears 5k health, 2.5k attack, 30% armor, 111 speed, and a whopping 50% critical chance. The fun doesn’t end there, as he bears a Definite Strike, Definite Rampage, Defense Shattering Rampage, and Instant Charge. He is Immune to Distraction.
-Corropteryx: This destructive, wounding flier is the most lethal creature to have taken to the skies. She has 7k health, 1.9k attack, 130 speed, 10% armor, and a 30% critical chance. Being the ultimate wounder, she bears Minimal Wounding Strike, Lethal Wound, Gashing Wound, and Long Invincibility. She is Immune to DoT and Distraction.
-Prodigious: This surprisingly fast counter-attacker is an intense opponent, not recognizable in a way you would be familiar with. He has 8k health, 2k attack, 131 speed, 60% armor, and a 20% critical chance. This monster bears Definite Strike, Ferocious Impact, Rending Takedown, Greater Stunning Impact, and a 1x Precise Shattering Counter-Attack.

**New Creatures**

We present a new animation category: Megaraptora! Featuring some popular animals, alongside some of the lesser known species.

-Orkoraptor (Common): This common Megaraptora member is still a force to be reckoned with despite being easily found in Area 3 night/dawn/dusk zones. With 3000 health, 1000 attack, 125 speed, no armor, and a 15% critical chance, the moves Vulnerable Distraction and Rending Attack can cause quite some harm.

-Tratayenia (Common): The second common Megaraptora variant boasts 3.1k health, 1.2k attack, 124 speed, no armor, and a 20% critical chance, and the moves Vulnerable Distraction and Rending Attack. This common creature can be found globally during the Dawn and Dusk

-Murusraptor (Rare): The arena exclusive Murusraptor may not be the easiest to obtain, but it is still quite strong even at lower levels, bearing 3.5k health, 1.3k attack, 126 speed, no armor, and a 20% critical chance, all while having Vulnerability Strike, Distracting Rampage, and Rending Attack.

-Vayuraptor (Rare): The Daytime park spawning Vayuraptor doesn’t seem to have the best survivability with its 3.3k health, 1.4k attack, no armor, 15% critical chance, and 123 speed, but it is one of the few creatures who can reduce an opponent’s attack to 0, with Vulnerable Distraction, Rending Attack, and Distracting Impact.

-Australovenator (Epic): The Australovenator is a global night spawning creature, ready to boast its 3.6k health, 1.4k attack, 127 speed, no armor, and 20% critical chance. The terrifying night stalker is more damage based, while also having the ability to reduce an opponent’s attack to 0, with Vulnerable Distraction, Distracting Strike, and Rending Takedown.

-Megaraptor (Epic): The final non-hybrid Megaraptora creature is not easy to face against. With 3.5k health, 1.3k attack, 126 speed, no armor, and 20% critical chance, it can almost be called a tank buster with its Vulnerable Distraction, Distracting Rampage, and Rending Takedown. It also isn’t easy to obtain, being an Area 2 Day/Dawn/Dusk spawn.

**New Hybrids**

The three new hybrids in this update will likely make excellent additions to your strike team. Note; these hybrids are still conceptual and are bound to change.

Vayusarx (Vayuraptor + Sarcosuchus) (Epic): This Epic hybrid combines the lethality of Rending with Wound, much like Thylacotator, except Vayusarx can exploit the usage of Vulnerability as well, bearing Vulnerable Distraction, Rending Attack, Lethal Wound, and Instant Pinning Strike.

Megavenator (Megaraptor + Diplovenator) (Unique): This Unique Superhybrid is the absolute pinnacle of Distraction hybrids. Still efficient at shattering defenses, it can hold off non Immune opponents with Vulnerable Distraction, Distracting Rampage, Instant Distraction, and Rending Takedown. But it does keep the 1x Precise Shattering Counter Attack and Immunity to Distractions.

Orklotator (Orkoraptor + Diplotator) (Epic): This Ferocious monster is not easy to take on. Bearing a Definite Strike, Mutual Fury, Distracting Impact, and Rending Takedown, you can be sure to knock out any opponent in a few mere turns.

**Creature Ability Updates**

Dilophosaurus: Nullifying Strike becomes Minimal Virulent Strike.

Dilophosaurus Gen 2: Nullifying Strike becomes Nulling Distraction. Distraction becomes Greater Virulent Attack.

Diloranosaurus: Attack increases to 1400, Distracting Impact becomes Nulling Distraction.

Diloracheirus: Attack increases to 1500, Distracting Strike becomes Nulling Distraction.

I’m still relatively new to the Forum, so I don’t know much about how the functions work, apologies for the mistakes.


No rat nerf! Bad update.


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The raptor meta is back!!!:boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom::boom:

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Are there 3 hybrids?

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Yes, the three hybrids are Vayusarx, Orkotator, and Megavenator (But Megavenator has a visual glitch, it’s supposed to have the green border, not the purple/pink one)

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Then edit it!

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Made this

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man… that’s some wide jaws…



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The next patch would be 1.11. the dot is not a decimal


Make it unique


Your concepts are fantastics

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