Fanmade Rebalance

Hi everyone, I have been working on my own rebalance of, eventually, all the creatures in jwa.
I’ve started work on a few new creatures to act as possible baselines for power levels and exclusive move frequencies, and am looking for some community feedback on the creature designs. (I’ll update with images once jw toolbox works on iOS again)

+2 Unique (Superhybrid)

Alankyloscelis (Alankylosaurus + Limnoscelis): Cunning-Resilient

Resilient Strike

Cunning Impact

Long Invincibility

Distracting Group Shield Rampage

Medium Nullifying Counter

Swap in Advantage

100% Distraction Resist

100% Slow Resist

Dakosittacops (Dakotanops + Pssitacosaurus): Cunning-Resilient Flock

Determined Strike

Group Slowing Impact

Alert Recover

Revenge Cunning Rampage

100% Distraction Resist

100% Crit Reduction Resist

66% Rend Resist

+3 Epic (Nonhybrid)

Pachyrhinosaurus: Resilient

Resilient Strike

Dig In

Acute Stun

On Escape Obstruction

Swap in Stunning Strike

100% Stun Resist

Psittacosaurus: Cunning-Resilient Flock

Determined Strike

Group Slowing Strike

Alert Scurry

100% Distraction Resist

66% Rend Resist

Megalania: Cunning-Fierce

Persistent Ferocious Strike

Maiming Wound

Devouring Wound

100% Bleed Resist

+2 Rare (Nonhybrid)

Dryosaurus: Cunning-Resilient

Evasive Strike

Taunting Impact

Critical Sidestep

Swap in Dodge

100% Slow Resist

100% Distraction Resist

75% Stun Resist

Camarasaurus: Resilient

Resilient Strike

Taunting Vulnerability


Counter Vulnerability

100% Vulnerability Resist

50% Stun Resist

+2 Common (Nonhybrid)

Torvosaurus: Fierce

Cleansing Fierce Strike

Fierce Rampage

Limnoscelis: Cunning

Cunning Strike

Cunning Impact

Nullifying Counter

Swap in Nullification

100% Distraction Resist

50% Slow Resist

New Moves

Distracting Group Shield Rampage:

All Opponents: 50% distraction for 2 turns, attack 2x

Team: Shield 50% for 2 turns, 8 attacks

Swap in Advantage:

Self: shields 100% for 1 turn

All opponents: nullify

Alert Recover:

Highest attack: distraction 50% for 1 turn, 1 attack

Self: increase speed 50%, 3 turns

Threatened: hp below 33%

Highest attack: distraction 50% for 1 turn, 1 attack, attack 1x

Self: increase speed 50%, 3 turns, rally heal 66%

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