[Fanmade][Release Notes] Version 2.17 | The Raid Strategies Update

The Raid Strategies Update

After the massive success of raid chat and auto-fill in versions 2.15 and 2.16 respectively, the team has taken it one step further by adding a raid strategy guide!

What’s New?

  • New Creatures
  • New Abilities
  • New Feature: Raid Strategy Maker
  • New Pass & Skins
  • New Raid Bosses
  • Raid Boss Tab

What’s Improved

  • Raid Bosses can now be removed
  • Raid Creature Marker

What’s New?

New Creatures

Edit: This creature should display the Gliding Lizard 2 (Flock) animation

Edit: The “This Ability No Longer Exists” is supposed to display *Alert Buff and Impact

Edit: Alert Buff and Impact is supposed to display 2 cooldown

New Abilities

Alert Buff and Impact
Impact, Ferocity, and Heal
Shielded Stunning Frenzy

New Feature: Raid Strategy Maker

As our original ideas for auto-fill and chat weren’t fully successful over the past two versions, with player input, we have decided to add a Raid Strategy maker, for any raid boss, with any creature. These will be able to be created and saved in the new Raid Bosses tab (View Below)

New Pass & Skins

The Next Pass coming to Jurassic World: Alive is the Camp Cretaceous Pass! Experience the new season even better with the new pass! With this pass, five new skins will be unlocked (Two Free, Three Premium)

New Raid Bosses

Version 2.17 Brings Eleven new Raid Bosses into the game! The Dev Team focused on bringing event exclusive creatures to raids!


  • The Legendary Dracoceratops boss will rampage into games on July 8
  • The Epic Sonorosaurus will Replace Brachiosaurus on July 8
  • The Rare Therezinosaurus boss will sneak its way onto maps on July 15
  • The Unique Albertocevia will fire its way into games on July 22


  • The Unique Testacornibus will force its way onto the map on July 9
  • The Epic Wooly Rhino will rampage into games on July 16
  • The Rare Albertosaurus will chomp its way onto maps on July 23
  • The Legendary Coelhaast will glide into games on July 30


  • The Rare Argentavis will fly onto the map on July 10
  • The Epic Ailurarctos will stomp into games on July 17
  • The Legendary Tryostronix will rush onto the map on July 24
  • The Unique Yiantaosaurus will glide into games on August 1
Raid Boss Tab

Two icons under the pass button (One under the Add/Remove raid boss icon) the raid boss tab lets you keep track of your DNA for each raid boss. This is also where your strategies are stored, aswell as who you’ve played with recently!

What’s Improved?

Raid Bosses can now be removed

Raid bosses can now be removed from the map through clicking the Mortem Rex button under the pass icon

Raid Creature Marker

Now, you have another creature marker which is creatures you use in your raids! you can use these as indicators when making raid strategies and for when going off-strategy!

Thanks for reading my patch notes. If you have any suggestions for changes or for the stegosaurus skin then feel free to say what! Thx again!


Change name of the Besigier skin for Spino Gen 2 with Badlands

Change Stego Mono skin name with Wooden.

Change Dilo Blood Hunt skin with Swamp Flower


I love how everyone is making their fanmade 2.17 release notes

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Also why Nundacroraptor has attack stat that isn’t a multiplier of 50?

Must’ve glitched down. I’ll fix it when I’m on my PC Again

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Also change Microraptors Impact to Precise Impact

Theres no creature uptades?

Didn’t have time to make any

also fixed the title to that its always RSU instead of TF3 for one and RSU for the other