[Fanmade Update] 2.17, The Legendary Renaissance

The Legendary Renaissance

The legendary renaissance update introduces new creatures, and a major rework to the legendary rarity!

What’s New?

  • 4 new creatures (4 legendarys)
  • New creature rotations
  • New abilities
  • New Raids

What’s Improved?

  • Reworks to the legendary rarity
  • Lots of bug fixes (although that won’t be mentioned here)

New Creatures
Wuerhosaura - Legendary
Hybrid Ingredients: Wuerhosaurus + Maiasaura

The Wuerhosaura is a large hadrosaur that fiercely protects its young. It travels in herds like modern day elephants in order to protect the younger ones of the herd. They also use their thagomizers for display for attracting mates which is why their tails are so colorful.

  • The Wuerhosaura is a resilient group hitter healer.

Group Cleansing Vulnerability
Group Resilient Impact
Shielded Taunting Heal
Instant Rampage

Inosuchus - Legendary
Hybrid Ingredients: Koolasuchus + Inostherium

The Inosuchus is an ambush hunter that lies in the murky depths of the swamp mostly feeding off of fish but occasionally going after larger land based prey. Its long sabers allow it to latch onto its prey which makes it unable to move.

  • The Inosuchus is a fast group hitting cunning revenger

Cunning Strike
Group Cunning Impact
Revenge Cunning Rampage
Instant Distraction

Pteranonyx - Legendary
Hybrid Ingredients: Baryonyx + Pteranodon

The Pteranonyx is specifically adapted to hunt fish, with its long jaws it’s able to skim the top of the water and catch several fish all at the same time. These creatures are fiercely territorial and chase anything away that gets too close to their nest.

  • The Pteranonyx is a buffing running counter attacker

Defense Shattering Strike
Ready To Crush
Definite Impact
Impact And Run
Minor Piercing Counter
Swap In Ferocity

Raphus Rex - Legendary
Hybrid Ingredients: Dodo + Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Raphus Rex is a deadly hunter mimicking bird calls in order to get its prey closer to it, then it strikes. Because of its large size and feathers it prefers to live in colder areas, like boreal forests. With it’s crushing beak it is able to break bones with ease and make it impossible for prey to escape it.

  • Raphus Rex is a Cunning Fierce Anti Tank
    Note: Raphus Rex is the first creature to be fused with a flock that isn’t one itself
    Flightless Strike
    Distracting Shattering Impact
    Fierce Rampage
    Rampage And Run

Creature Updates

Our team has noticed that Rexy has been over performing so we decided to nerf it. We have also changed its exclusivity for it to be a raid exclusive creature. (More on that in the new raids catagory)

Health: 4950-4650
Crit chance: 45%-40%
Rend Resistance: 75%-0%
Stun Resistance: 75%-50%
Dominant Roar- Lesser Roar

Our team has noticed that Fukuimimus is far to bulky and makes battles a much worse experience overall, so we decided to nerf it.

Health: 4800-4200
Shelter- Distracting Impact

New Raids
The Iconic Rexy will take place in raids on Saturdays

Very Important Note: This project is still being actively worked on, and I will update it in future dates


I like Wuerhosaura a lot, gimme.


An update based on legendaries could be a great opportunity to add some superhybrids people have wanted for a long time. Maybe superhybrids for Dimodactylus, Brontolasmus, and Megalogaia could be added?


Maybe in a future fanamde update

cool fanmade update but since it’s an update based on legendaries it would be better if u do some balance to the old legendaries that doesn’t stand a chance vs the new ones, like Gigaspikasaur or Tragodistis c:

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Yea, I’m gonna update this in the future to add stuff like improving old legendarys

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