FAQ: Alliance Missions Coin/Cash/DNA Amounts and Tasks/Rewards Info

Last Reviewed/Edited 3/11/2019 1155AM PST since posting date of 2/5/2019

If you’re looking for Individual Missions please go here: Individual Missions Coin/Cash/DNA Amounts & Tasks/Rewards Info

If you like this FAQ stuff, search for FAQ in forum, or here’s our alliance master page: DNA/Spawn/Despawn/Coin/Cash Timer Limits + Strategy/Advice

As Alliance Missions returns March 4th, 2019 we will be reviewing the content below to see if any changes have been made and we will be updating it as necessary.

As always, big thanks to my alliance members for helping out with the confirmations! You guys rock!

The Rank Reward You Get = Last Upgrade Pressed, i.e. if you just upgraded to Rank4, until you hit upgrade to Rank5 you will most likely receive Rank4 reward at the end of the week unless there is a glitch and we get a +1 for the distress based on precedence.

DNA gained for reaching certain rank at the end of the week’s goal is:

Common = 1000 x Rank Level Achieved (max of 5k)
Rare = 300 x Rank Level Achieved (max of 1.5k)
Epic = 100 x Rank Level Achieved (max of 500)

  • Reward Order: Common, Rare, Epic
  • Rank 1 = 1000, 300, 100
  • Rank 2 = 2000, 600, 200
  • Rank 3 = 3000, 900, 300
  • Rank 4 = 4000, 1200, 400
  • Rank 5 = 5000, 1500, 500

Cash = Max of 100 for each Exploration and Defense Missions for a Combined Total of 200 per week

  • Qualification Rank = 5
  • Rank 1 = 10
  • Rank 2 = 15
  • Rank 3 = 20
  • Rank 4 = 50
  • Rank 5 = 0
    ***Only 1 of the missions for Exploration/Defense rewards cash at each Rank level

Coins = Max of 14,800 for each Exploration and Defense Missions for a Combined Total of 29,600 coins per week

  • Qualification Rank = 100 x 4 tasks = 400
  • Rank 1 = 350 x 4 = 1400
  • Rank 2 = 750 x 4 = 3000
  • Rank 3 = 1000 x 4 = 4000
  • Rank 4 = 1500 x 4 = 6000
  • Rank 5 = 0

***Cash and Coins Rewards may be rotated in positions 1-5 so it’s not always the same mission that gives cash! If you can’t complete the Rank goals at least finish the mission for the cash as that has more value/priority! These can be collected as you go. The DNA will be collectable at the end of the week.

Missions Available Thus Far (to see current task requirements click here):

The Missions assigned are chosen at random for Exploration missions only as Defense Missions are the same for each rank. Thus, not everyone will have the same Rank tasks. Some missions are just easier and better over others, eg. getting Daily Defense or Advanced Epic DNA Extraction are some tough ones, especially if you get them at Rank 4!

Color Coding
Orange = Team progress for task
Blue = your contribution towards the task…aka MVP or not (it’s harder to see in main window. It gets larger when you expand the task individually)

  1. Advanced Extraction - collect Rare/Epic dino DNA
    • DNA caught/fused will count
    • Incubator DNA counts
    • Rare DNA Requests collected in trading counts
    • Fusing legendary/uniques using Rare/Epic ingredients does NOT count
  2. Attack Practice - defeat creatures in battles
    • Strike tower creature defeats count
    • Friendly creatures defeat WITHIN alliance DOES count as of 3/4/19 (friendly within alliance count is equal to the sum total of the match, eg. 3-2 then 5 will be added to the count)
    • Friendly creatures defeat OUTSIDE alliance count (if you won the battle you get 3, if not it’s how many dinos you were able to defeat)
  3. Creature Engagement - fire darts
  4. Common Extraction - collect common dino DNA
    • DNA caught will count
    • Incubator DNA counts
    • Common DNA Requests collected in trading counts
    • Fusing rare/epic/legendary/uniques using common ingredients does NOT count
  5. Daily Defense - open daily battle incubator (after defeating 10 creatures in arena)
    • Can be done every 21 hrs, can accrue up to 3 days (2 days from before plus today)
    • Note: you can complete the daily defense battle incubator while it’s still in the background so you can open more than one incubator back to back. So it behooves you to keep your 21 clock timer going if you want to know when it’s best to battle unless you battle all day then it doesn’t matter…lol
  6. Dart Acquisition - collect darts from supply drops
    • Darts from incubators does count
  7. Defense Training - # of battles done
    • Friendly battles WITHIN the alliance counts as 2 as of March 4th, 2019
    • Friendly battles OUTSIDE alliance counts as 1 as of March 4th, 2019
    • Strike Towers count!
  8. Extraction - collect any Dino DNA
    • Incubator DNA counts
    • DNA requests collected in trading will count
  9. Fund Acquisition - collect coins
    • Coins collected from supply drops, treasure boxes, strike towers, battles and incubators are counted
  10. Fusion Supplies - same as Open Incubators
  11. Marksmanship - direct hits
  12. Open Incubators - as implied
    • Free incubator every 6hr counts
    • Strike tower incubators now count for individual and alliance missions!
  13. Partner Up - friendly challenges
    • Friendly WITHIN Alliance counts as 2 (as of 3/4/19)
    • Friendly Outside Alliance counts as 1 (as of 3/4/19)
    • Credit for Partner Up is given to both players for task requirements (as of 3/4/19)
  14. Seek Supplies - open supply drops (treasure boxes are counted as supply drops)

This is definitely a huge perk in terms of getting more cash and coins PER WEEK in addition to the daily individual missions so I just wanted to thank Ludia in terms of listening to their players and creating a way in which coins and cash are more readily available while encouraging teamwork. With 3 epics being given now through missions, players can access/fuse together some inaccessible epics through hunting!

Rank 4 will be tough with a fraction of the alliance fully active! This is crucial to having many active members to be able to finish the last two ranks in time before the week is finished.

Sample of our Alliances Missions at Rank 3/4 before March 4th...after it got harder

Exploration Rank 3: 20k Creature Engagement, 150k Fund Acquisition, 5k Marksmanship, 12k Advanced Extraction, 400k Extraction

Exploration Rank 4 (last one): 30k Creature Engagement, 1.25 million Fund Acquisition, 60k Epic Advanced Extraction, 1 million Extraction, 4k Seek Supplies

Defense Rank 3: 450 Fusion Supplies, 750 Attack Practice, 1200 Defense Training, 60 Daily Defense, 15 Partner Up

Defense Rank 4: 1000 Fusion Supplies, 1500 Attack Practice, 2000 Defense Training, 90 Daily Defense, 20 Partner Up

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

Proof of work (lol):


Yeah, that’s a huge chunk of cash. I’ll just keep chugging along toward that rank 5.

and all of us will stuck at rank 2/3 because of the 150,000 coins mission bug, if u know what i mean. congrats to all of us.

We should be hitting Rank 3 on exploration today, hoping they fix the coins bug by then! Or at least when they fix it they make it retroactive?

Yup it looks like our alliance is almost there with Rank 3 requirements. The cash/coins do rotate in the positions 1/2/3/4/5 so do consider putting priority for the cash first if the Rank will not be completed in time! The increments in the missions are quite hefty!

One last bump from me and that is it so please let me know if there is any other info you would like to add to the OP and I’ll edit accordingly.

The missions are rotated around because our alliance…I mean myself…was getting competitive with who would get the most direct darts with marksmanship but it wasn’t there for Rank 4 goals but was for Rank 3. With that said, it appears the categories possible are from the 10 (if I counted correctly) individual missions plus a couple. Here is a quick list again (i’ll add to the OP as well):

  1. Advanced Extraction - collect Rare/Epic DNA
  2. Creature Engagement - fire darts
  3. Daily Defense - open daily battle incubator (after defeating 10 creatures in arena)
  4. Dart Acquisition - collect darts from supply drops
  5. Extraction - collect any Dino DNA (including incubators)
  6. Fund Acquisition - collect coins (not confirmed if incubator coins are included)
  7. Marksmanship - direct hits
  8. Open Incubators/Fusion Supplies - as implied
  9. Partner Up - friendly challenges
  10. Seek Supplies - open supply drops
  11. Attack Practice - defeat creatures in battles
  12. Defense Training - # of battles done

So there is a lot of confirming right now happening with our alliance but I’m sure everyone will figure it out as well what the alliance missions count/include towards the total but it seems to be very lenient and all-inclusive.

Low numbers in alliance or low activity will probably affect the missions rank upgrade with the more difficult tasks to complete such as Daily Defense/Attack and Defense and possibly darting epics (60k at Rank 4). Only so much of these can be bought your way through lol. Who knows what Rank 5 will hold or take to complete, let’s just hope we have enough time left to complete it!

Alrighty guys have fun with the missions!

As always please let me know if I have something wrong or needs to be edited. We are here to help each other.

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Were almost to rank 5 exploration and rank 4 defense

I’m a very active player, I love my alliance but only a few of us are active. I’m looking to switch to a more active alliance to be part of the alliance missions. We’re currently at a lv 4 and lv 3 and I don’t see us getting much further. I’ve been on the top of most of our missions. Any suggestions?

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If youre showing rank 4 ur on the last set of missions. Id say tough thru it try to finish those last 5 missions then maybe make a fresh change when the new week starts

Message @ToriBaugh. We are small but all incredibly active.

Nice work @DinoL3o!! :ok_hand:
Are there any changes compared to what we have now?

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Bumping post to keep a detailed trail of the changes as of March 4th 2019 of reintroduction of Alliance Missions (this will be updated to the original post once all numbers are collected):

DNA Amounts have not been changed and Sino has returned! lol

Coins Lowered Overall So Far
Qualification: 100 (previously 50)
Rank 1: 350 (previously 500)
Rank 2: 750 (previously 1000)
Rank 3: 1000 (previously 1500)
Rank 4: 1500 (previously same amount)
Rank 5: 0 (previously 12,000)

Cash Lowered As Well:
Rank 1: 10 (previously 15)
Rank 2: 15 (previously 25)
Rank 3: 20 (previously 35)
Rank 4: 50 (previously 35)
Rank 5: 0 (previously 45)

Summary of Coins/Cash Rewards Per Each Task (any - means loss, rest are increases):
Loss of 3400 coins so far for each Exploration and Defense Missions (total loss of 6.8k coins)

Work/data from before (Sorry Legend was cut out in snapshot, R=Rank, R1R = Rank1 Rewards):

In Progress (thanks @PJ79 for your help for adding in the yellow highlighted tasks which we didn’t have at that Rank, thanks to @Wwwoodchuck for the blue ) :

Everyone is welcomed to help contribute…or not…one way or another data will be collected lol


Ahh!! The post I had been looking for with the Alliance mission coming back!

Good work @DinoL3o !! These information are really helpful!


Great post thank you

Sorry but the previous post keeps getting hidden so I’ll start another one here to put the changes in tasks so far compared to before here:

Positive numbers means Increased amount compared to before, Negative numbers means Decreased Amount compared to before) (LIVE TRACKER…lol)
Yellow highlight = thanks @PJ79, Blue = thanks @Wwwoodchuck

So with a table it is easier to see that there is a general overall increased task requirements with little significant decreases (Fund Acquisition…lol). Look at the Defense Missions Tasks…they just got harder to do after Rank 1 Tasks!

Summary of Coins/Cash Rewards Per Each Task (any - means loss, rest are increases):
So total loss so far based up to Rank4 rewards is a total of 6.8k coins and 30 cash for both Exploration/Defense combined (hoping Rank5 rewards for coins/cash is bumped up)

Few fixes noted:
Partner Up - friendly within alliance counts as 2, both players get credit. Outside alliance counts as 1.
Attack Practice - friendly within alliance is sum total of creatures defeated (say your within alliance friendly score 3-2 = 5 would added to the count)

Conclusion so far: Tasks are harder to complete and less rewards! Guess we were completing it too quickly as a whole last time when missions were running lol.


To add to this. Hope it helps.

On the final tasks of exploration:
32k darts fired
450k rare dna collected
1.6 million total dna collected
(Sorry missed the other 2, they’re already done)

On rank 4 for defense:
2k battles
40 friendlies
1000 kills
60 daily incus
800 total incus

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@DinoL3o dont know if that helps fill ur chart. But thats what we have

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Thank you very much @Justin_Larson. No you’ve done more than enough! haha. Every bit of data counts! Let me update the numbers!

P.S. @Justin_Larson Just realized your comment on last stage for defense mission so the numbers above I checked those are Rank3 Defense…haha. Hey still need Rank4 and it sounds like you’re ahead of us so definitely report back!

Were behind a time wall for the daily incubators, but when we finish it and move to the last stage ill give u those too

To add for Rank 4 Exploration:

Common extraction: 1,200,000

Funds: 1,000,000

Supply Drops: 6,000

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