FAQ: Alliance Missions Coin/Cash/DNA Amounts and Tasks/Rewards Info

So basically, they took down the Alliance missions down for couple of weeks to make it difficult for us to achieve? :laughing:

Just kidding. We are all glad that Alliance missions are back!!

That’s precisely the outcome @torque. Fix alliance mission bugs (still a few left I’m sure), make it harder, and yeah hope you enjoy guys! hahaha. Hey, it’s still a bunch of free coins and cash for everyone that’s active with a nice alliance.

Ohhh @Wwwoodchuck, you’re awesome! Thanks will add that to the table.

P.S. No surprise here, but it looks like they increased it from 900k to 1.2million for common dna extraction lol

Those are to achieve rank 4. The next to last

@Justin_Larson it is very confusing with the verbage on these Rank/Tasks. I get confused too!

Rank 3 Tasks = Gives you Upgrade to Rank 4
Rank 4 Tasks = Gives you Upgrade to Rank 5
Rank 5 Tasks = Gives you freedom as there are no upgrades from here I believe unless this will be the first lol

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Cuz when ur incubator shows rank 4, ur in the last set of missions. After those 5 are done and ur incu changes to rank 5 there are no missions. The incubator showing is what uve achieved not what ur working towards

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Like our exploration here. We have rank 4 incubator secured. We are working in rank 5. Aftwr those 3 are done there are no more missions

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You are correct! No doubt there. Defense 3/4 is going to be tough for some of the lower activity alliances. Who needs concavenator DNA, right? lol

Here are one set of complete tasks for the Alliance Missions upon return March 4th, 2019:
thanks @PJ79 for the yellow highlighted data, thanks @Wwwoodchuck for the blue

If you want to know what the increases and decreases are go up a few posts or (click here).

If anyone has any of the other unlisted tasks would gladly appreciate it for data but if not, I’m sure metahub will do a data-mine of the new patch sooner or later.

Can someone clarify if friendly battles within the alliance count toward Defense Training?

Hi @Kristi that answer is in the first post #7. Sorry if it was a long one but here is the part you’re asking:

P.S. Friendly within the alliance will also give you 2 for the Partner Up tasks. The score sum is added to the Attack Practice so if you had a score of 3-1 then 4 would be added to that task requirement.

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Awesome, thanks!

Updated 3/11/19 222PM PST

Post 1st week conclusions of the return of the alliance missions on March 4th 2019. Hope everyone survived the glitch ~18hours ago. Hopefully that was just a one time thing.

Onward to the details:

Current Rewards as of March 4th for each task at each rank for each Exploration/Defense Missions
Max Coins of 14.8k for each mission for a Possible Max Total of 29.6k Coins per week
Max Cash of 100 for each mission for a Possible Max Total of 200 Cash per week

Changes That Occurred:
Lost 15.4k coins for each mission for a Total Loss of 30.8k Coins per week
Lost 60 cash for each mission for a Total Loss of 120 Cash per week

The Changes That Were Made to each task for each rank are the following (positive numbers = increases, negative numbers = decreases):
Thanks @PJ79 (yellow highlights) and @Wwwoodchuck (blue highlights)

So here are the Current Tasks and their respective requirements as of March 4th (this table and the above will be continued to be updated as the other random tasks are collected at each rank):
Thanks @PJ79 (yellow highlights) and @Wwwoodchuck (blue highlights)

The OP will be updated accordingly now!