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FAQ: Arena Incubator Boosts under Boost 2.0

Quick and easy update for everyone that may have noticed this change already but I’ve been in classes all day lol.

Last week showed that there was not enough boosts to meet the 100 per week or 1 tier boost as FTP promised by prior announcements, so I’m sure it was a split decision to either increase the # of boost towers or boost amounts within, or move the extra boosts to incubators. It appears the incubators have won. Now let’s see what this means shall we:

Cliff Notes:

  1. Boosts are randomized in the arena incubators
  2. Boosts are cheaper to acquire via speeding up of incubators compared to buying
  3. No boosts are in the level player based incubators (12hr Rare/24hr Epic)
  4. This encourages folks to be on top of opening their incubators on time to gain the most boost as quickly as possible or get you buying those game cash.
  5. 15min (1 boost, 3 cash), 3hr (2 boosts, 15 cash each), 8hr (3 boosts, ~27 cash each)
  6. All player levels receive 4/4/4 from the Daily Battle Incubator

See this table for the breakdown of boost acquired per cost:

With the boost sales you could acquire 25 boosts for 500 but you know what you’re getting. Albeit it is cheaper by 67 hard cash to buy boosts via speeding up arena incubator cycles, you are letting RNG play a role as well. You can be a bit more frugal and spend only what you want to spend as that 8hr boost is pricey compared to the 15min or 3hr incubator so maybe sleep on the Large Incubators…haha. So with that, let the new Boost 2.0 bring strategy!

Pictures of Boost Amounts Found In Arena Incubators

Happy Hunting as always fellow DPGs,


One thing i think you should add is the most efficient ways of dealing with the 12/24 hour incubators… cause when there cooking your not producing any boosts you would be getting from opening 3 and 8 hour incubators…but even if you put them off thats one incubator slot tied up.

How about I just address it here? lol

12hr/24hr are best used after you have completed your daily incubator task. This is to assure you don’t have it running and have a hard time completing the daily tasks at hand. Although it has become very easy to complete it with free incubators taking up 2/6 plus the towers (2 and above if multisteps present).

Now back to your very good point which I just figured most would see the money they save…lol…all 67 of it can be used to speed up the 240 cash of the 24hr (Epic) incubator since you’ll be spending less on boosts you can even it out with spending it on the bigger incubators that don’t produce any boosts. But the real question is, is it worth it? Well now that you can literally acquire as many boosts as your hard cash can keep up with, at that point I don’t think efficiency matters here.

Did I hit the right points? @Evicton

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I think and you can check, you can pay to open incubators while one is cooking??? So if you have a 12 or 24 hour going, you can pay to open the 15 min, 3 hr and 8 hr?

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Yup as long you have a current incubator going, you can pay to accelerate the others so that is another way to do it!

P.S. This should help folks get 5/5 with incubator openings now lol

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I suppose you could just watch the video’s on the 15 minute ones and save the 3 bucks on those to bring the cost down to 425 average. Then of course you can sleep on one 8 hour incubator a day unless you got the 12 or 24 hour one going. Getting this down to a science for PvP addicts.

Addiction Science? Well the ads were not factored in of course lol. But if you want to get literal, 6 min of incubator time cost 1 cash. 15 min costing 3 cash is the ripoff, supposed to let it run 3 minutes and pay 2 at 12minutes. Watching those 6 videos will save you 15 cash. So depending if you are that patient to watch ads 6x vs 15 cash (free from cash links and free 6hr) but I guess you are heading into that frugal realm I alluded to above…have fun lol

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