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FAQ: DNA/Spawn/Despawn/Coin/Cash Timer Limits + Strategy/Advice

Last reviewed/edited 2/22/2019 10AM PST since the posting date of 12/29/2018

Answers you’ll find in this post:

  1. Spawn/Despawn times of Dinos in fixed coordinates observation (as of 1.5 patch)
    • Long Range Fixed Spawns - appears/disappears ~300m, eg. event dinos
    • Short Range/Variable Spawns - appears ~50m, disappears ~100m, eg. ninja dinos lol
  2. Max DNA requests in alliance = 2 per 24hr cycle
  3. Time reset for DNA requests/Coin/Cash/Treasure Boxes around the world
  4. Trading information (DNA/coin amounts/etc)
  5. Max DNA inventory of Dinos (Common = 200k, Rare = 50k, Epic = 20k)
    • Table for DNA darting Direct Hits amounts (common/rare/epic/legendary/unique) for each user level
  6. Scents usage (min/max dinos per use/minimum distance to walk/drive to get 2 dinos per spawn)
  7. DNA to XP conversion (for beginners, how to level up quickly, from my other post)
    • Didn’t know prior that metahub covered some of this stuff, as I joined them much later, so you can read this too: Click Here
  8. Battle Critical Calculation - for nerdy folks that like to calculate things
  9. References to other pages for ongoing collaboration (more spawn times) and solutions, such as workaround for adding more than 100 friends!
  10. Strategy/Advices

First and foremost, our alliance (not to be named unless our leader begs to differ) is simply the BEST (we chat nonstop - mostly me, donate like crazy, strategize on towers, vent on RNG, etc.), no argument there. If you want to argue, please do it elsewhere.

Second, the chat history in the game is very poor and glitchy and will probably remain this way for quite some time - said this for 1.5 and will be the same for 1.6 lol. If your alliance or yourself wants to know how we got around this on the site to be able to share videos/pics with folks of interest, please do inquire and maybe you can convince us to give the information out for a nominal fee or it’ll cost you greatly by requiring you to join our alliance! lol

Lastly, and back to the topic, here are the information you seek and are only possible with the help of my alliance members.

1) Spawn/Despawn Times as of 1.5 patch:
Based on two cycles of rare-common-rare-common initiated upon discovering original set of dinos ~250m apart. This totals a minimum observation of 4 rares and 4 commons in fixed coordinates
Rare & Common will DESPAWN after ~52 minutes, then there is a COOLDOWN for ~40 minutes before another spawn will occur.
Since epics are so abundant we do not have data for this…haha
By no means is this the spawn mechanics so don’t take this as a rare will spawn after a common or vice versa. However, if you find rares/epics it behooves you to take note of it and revisit the spot to see if it is frequent behavior for your area’s spawn mechanics. Spawning may occur in exact location or about a 50m diameter.
eg. for those of you interested, it was two dimetrodons located 250m apart (both caught) and observation began afterwards. Both were replaced by common (deinocheirus/nundasuchus). Later both became Ornithomimmus). Next to these, another set of dinos observed with common and later turned into rare which added to the data and confirms the above.

2) Maximum # DNA Requests = 2 per 24hr cycle
24hr cycle for DNA requests and Daily Coin/Cash varies for everyone, see below for examples of Reset Times respective to their local times:
USA PST = 4pm
USA EST = 7pm
UK = 12am (midnight)
UTC+1 = 1am
IST = 5:15am
Indonesia = 7am

3) DNA Timer Limits:
Once you make the first DNA request (regardless if it’s a common/rare) after the above said time, you have a 3hr limit, at which then, you can make another which will be for the remainder of the cycle, i.e. until next day. Any delays or disruptions in your request will make that 2nd timer limit vary, eg. request at 4pm (3hr limit starts), didn’t do it at 7pm exactly, but 10pm, timer limit in this case will be ~18hr.
1st request = 3hr
2nd request = ~24 minus (hours passed after reset time occurred)

4a) DNA Amounts per Request:
Common = 4x Player level (eg. lvl 20 can get 80 per single donation)
Rare = Equals Player level (eg. lvl 15 can only get 15 per single donation)
Each dna request can be fulfilled by 5 donations done by 5 different folks or simply a sum of 25 donations

***Note, REGARDLESS of TIMER LIMIT set after the request, you have a 3HR WINDOW for donations to occur before a collection of that dino’s dna can happen
To view the generous folks that have donated DNA to you, simply click the info button (i) and you’ll see names/amounts of DNA.once the collection window has closed and you have the option to click collect.

4b) Coins For DNA Amounts:
Common = 1:1 ratio. In the example above, the lvl 20, 80 DNA will give you 80 coins
Rare = 1:3 ratio. In the example above, the lvl 15, will get 45 coins for every 15 dna donated
Your coin balance does NOT drop when you collect the dna as this was incorrect in other, older posts. If epic trading ever occurs, coin ratio would be 1:10, I presume.
Max Coin From Trading = 15k

5) Max DNA you can collect in inventory
Common: 200k (via other posts in forum)
Rare: 50k (confirmed)
Epic: 20k (via other posts in forum)

  • Table for quick reference of the Direct Hits dart amounts with the respective player level

6) Scent usage
20 minute scents = Min 10, Max of 19 Dinos (1 dino after 2 seconds 19’58" then 9 times after that you can get up to 2 dinos each time on every odd minute with the seconds notations: 17’58", 15’58", 13’58", 11’58", 9’58",7’58", 5’58", 3’58", 1’58")
5 minute scents = Min 3, Max of 5 (1 dino after 2 seconds 4’58", then two times after that at 2’58" and with 58 seconds remaining)
Must travel a minimum of 50m per 2 minutes to get 2 dinos to spawn (straight path - linear, from original starting point) - that’s an avg total of 82 steps in 2 mins per dr. google (50m = 164ft, avg stride male 2.5ft, female 2.2ft, but 164/2 = 82). So if you’re below average count 100 steps lol.
Blue ring around you is 50m in diameter, your radius would be 25m so you just have walk double the mark in a straight path then.
It appears to benefit you most if you use it in your favorite spawning locations and not just any random ones. It will spawn 2 seconds into start and from there every 2 minutes you’ll get another spawn if you’re not moving (you can leave the spot and come back and the Dino will still be there). The dino will disappear at 02 seconds remaining on clock while the next spawn will occur at 58 seconds on the clock). If you’re moving you simply get an extra dino.

7) DNA to XP conversion
Common 1:1 (if it costs 50 DNA to level up, you will get 50 XP in return)
Rare 1:3 (if it costs 50 DNA, you’ll get 150 XP)
Epic 1:10 (50 DNA = 500 XP)
Legendary 1:30 (50 DNA = 1500 XP)
Unique 1:100 (50 DNA = 5000 XP)

Fusion XP = this is a SUM of the above so you’ll be adding two values together.
eg. Diloracheirus = Common (1:1) + Legendary (1:30). Total XP gained will be the sum of the two dinosaurs used to level up. Deinocheirus DNA (2000) + Diloranosaurus DNA (30 times 50 = 1500). In other words/numbers, 2000 + 1500 = 3500 XP will be gained for each fusion done.

8) Battle Critical Calculation
This is extremely useful for dinos that have a high critical chance so you can predetermine if your crit move can finish off your opponent or not. Don’t forget to factor reduction in damage if the dino has shield protection and/or armor for any moves that does not destroy the shields/bypasses armor.
Critical = 0.5x Increase in damage output. Use 2.25x for shorthand calculation for any moves with boosted attack, i.e. Ferocious Strike, or ones following prior boosts, eg. Ready to Crush. Here is a visual for those that are interested in the derivation:

eg. Gorgosuchus @30, base attack is 1654

  • Crit with Defense Shattering Strike (DSS) = 2481 (base att 1654 x 1.5)
  • Crit with Ferocious Strike (FS) = 3722 from 1654 x 1.5 (due to 50% increase) x 1.5 (for crit), so for moves with the same description, short calculation would be base att x 2.25 (from 1.5x1.5) ***Ferocious strike W/O crit would be the same as a Crit w/ DSS = 2481.
  • Crit with Defense Shattering Rampage (DSR) W/O Ferocious Strike Boost = 4962 from 1654 x 2 x 1.5
  • Crit with Defense Shattering Rampage (DSR) W/ Ferocious Strike Boost = 7443 from 1654 x 1.5 (50% boost prior) x 2 (move damage) x 1.5 (for crit), shorthand calculation would be base att x 2 x 2.25
  • Crit with Cleansing Impact (CI) W/O Ferocious Strike Boost = 3722 from 1654 x 1.5 (move damage) x 1.5 (crit)
  • Crit with Cleansing Impact (CI) W/ Ferocious Strike Boost = 5582 from 1654 x 1.5 x 2.25 (from 1.5 boost x 1.5 crit)

Game calculations are rounded up based on many battle damage observations. Please let us know if you find it to be otherwise.

9) Reference to Other Pages:

10) Strategy/Advice:
-When darting event dinos, you can certainly close the app down and restart the darting session if you know it won’t be one of your best darting sessions (make sure to do this early as possible before the final total DNA comes up). This is quite useful for those legendary/uniques where you don’t want to waste a bad darting session. So make sure you get that first direct shot!
-Get a map and mark your favorite coordinates of epic/rare/common spawns based on the locale zones (which you should demarcate as well)
-To maximize your collection of DNA, use your 2 requests wisely. Put up requests for when most of your active alliance members with the dna you need are on. No point in putting up a request when everyone is sleeping during those 3hr window of allowed donations.
-Get to know your alliance folks time zones because you’re all friends and have a common goal in the game
-You get more commons DNA than you do with rares in any given 24hr cycle
-Lower level players benefit most coins donating to higher level players
-If you are just beginning the game look at how you can efficiently level up your player level by focusing on the dinos that get you the most XP so you can begin collecting more of useful DNA in larger amounts
-In battling it is nice to keep handy what your dinos are capable in terms of damage output with and without crits unless you are able to memorize them. Not too hard for 8 dinos you use daily right? Sometimes it comes down to who does the math first and clicks faster and not rely on RNG’s crit.
-Get rid of non-active alliance members…haha jk

P.S. To my alliance friends, thanks for listening to my rants and endless texts that fill the chat history at times. See you back in the game! Don’t identify yourselves here lol unless you want to.


DinoL3o puts in a lot of work on this stuff. Top 200 I believe, always making suggestions and offers strategies to our alliance, (I don’t mind identifying myself! And yes, our alliance is awesome!) And the chat history is a very valid point, there are times when things are explained in the alliance 3-4 times because not everyone can see what had been going on if the spend any extended amount of time away from the game. When DinoL3o
Offers a suggestion, I tend to listen!


Wow!! Didn’t realize some of the points in the OP Post were updated:
The Rare-Common cycle and the idea for using scents around favorite spawn locations are really interesting!

If this is how the game mechanics actually works, we might not be far from figuring a method, creating an App to track the best spawns/when they will occur.

Keep up the good work DinoL3o! :smiley:


This really is a great comprehensive post and much appreciated. I can’t comment with absolute certainty, but I have been noticing that particular spots are repeat offenders for spawning Raja and Anky in around my workplace. They are quite rare, but when it happens it is almost always in a very similar area as before (50m range seems right).

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I normally don’t bump my own posts but I also don’t like to make that many as well. So thanks for the remarks fellow DPGs. I do update this post hoping it would come across many hits for folks wanting to find current, accurate answers and tips on the game rather than scavenging through many posts or announcements from the past when they may have become irrelevant. If there is anything anyone feels we should include in the FAQ or look into I’ll gladly do it as time permits or it has my interests.

I’m going to use this post to show some nice locations and how I frequent the same locations daily to dart the dinos I like to share with my alliance.

The mall runs gives me spinos mostly albeit metahub says they should be nesting at schools:

When I drive, I try to find spots where I get a R-R (rare rare) to add/revise to my driving routes:

Sometimes you get better ones like this R-R-E (rare rare epic):

When you really get lucky you find something like this R-R-R-R-R (mind you I had enough of these particular dinos that I continue my drive but did note it for a return for obvious reasons):

Sometimes you just have to know where the borders of the zones are and you spend the most time there and toss your inventory of scents just because you know it’ll always be good to you (just like how tenonto is in my town):


Nice work always insightful and helpful

Very informative! Trying to find high spawn areas and good/regular spawn points is a must. Not every spawn location are equal

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Use discord if you want an “Alliance subforum”.
No reason to spend time and money to make something you can already have.


Great thread btw

This is absolutely correct. Seeing my neighborhood through the months, I know exactly where the rares or epics are most likely to spawn…I know exactly the 2 spots where I always see out of local spawns. I see the patterns of where kapros will move across my map, eventually ending up in darting range.

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I love this line. :heart_eyes:

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Thank you for the @ reference!! I feel special!

You’re welcome! This FAQ is getting better because of folks like you so You Are Special! It doesn’t matter what the San Dunes say about you. You have my full support.

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Do we know if all spawn spots are equal in the frequency of spawning a dinosaur?
I find there are a few types of spawn types.

One type is a fixed location that almost always shows a dinosaur.
Then there are the hidden spawn types.
One type is when you move by it, it almost always has a dinosaur show up. My guess 90% of the time.
Another type is when you move by it, it sometimes has a dinosaur show up. This seems to be 50% of the time.
The final type, is, it rarely spawns something. I think it is 10% of the time.
Many of these hidden spawn points seem to have various refresh/cooldown rates. so that no matter how many times you walk by it, nothing will show up, until the refresh occurs. While others will pop them up much more frequently.
Some of these hidden spawn spots seem to be variable in frequency when producing dinosaurs depending on the time of day.
Has anybody tracked this type of frequency?

@Whitecat31, thank you for your many questions but that is a whole lot of work…haha. There are many folks working on trying to figure this out as we speak. Please see these awesome folks carrying on this task currently here: Data Sampling Megathread - How long epic and other spawns last? It does take a lot of effort and time to make observations for each and every one of your spawning mechanics you’ve mentioned. Personally, I have seen all of the ones you’ve mentioned plus an oddball one where after you catch a dino another would spawn right in its spot, go figure! You have quite the interesting percentages, care to share?

Fixed spawns were the easiest to observe as variable ones are, well, variable so we have no clue of how to determine how long these beasts were cloaking themselves there before our presence made them appear.

I just hope with the oncoming update there is something along the lines of automatic lockdown once an epic/rare/common is within your view so it can no longer despawn! Not sure if this would be more feasible than setting up a timer/clock for the dino but anything would make it better because I’m not an athlete to make a 250m dash in under 1 minute…lol. We’ve all had our fair share of epics disappearing right before our eyes! You regret the most, the ones where you decide to get closer to get more darting time. Could have gotten some DNA, instead none…haha

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I do some walking in my area usually a same small route, and I have taken some notes. It based on how often I walk by certain spots. There are some hidden spots, where it is almost always a spawn. I have assumed that these are spots, that have a despawn time, which is why they are not 100%. So let’s say I walk by the spot randomly, 20 times. About 17 or 18 times, that spot will spawn a mob. I think that corresponds with the 6 to 8 minutes of a despawn down time. Sadly, my notes are just paper scribbles to the untrained eye, and I think my girlfriend tossed them in the trash. I have already made a suggestion, that for the rares and epics, they make the color rings slow flash when there is 5 to 10 minutes left, before they go poof, and flash quicker, when they are 5 minutes or less about to poof. Or maybe shrink the color rings. As for your double spawn on the same location events one after the other, I have had that happen as well. Do you remember if it was at locations, where you would have multiple spawns?

Seems like you and I share quite the similarity. My alliance knows I’m all paper/pencil once it’s confirmed it is inked. Lately, driving is the only way to play this game! There are fixed hidden spots as well as random ones, which are moved around in a vicinity which I’m trying to see if I can narrow down but my guess it’s 50m from what I can tell because I frequent the same spots over and over for hopes the same dinos I have seen there before at certain timeframes and it has been quite effective for me. Those that don’t repeat I tend to remove as they’re wasting my time lol.

If you have a mob spawn (a good one) that’s awesome because those are hard to find. I always appreciate a mob of draco2 (had 7 at one high density popular area) one time with scent I got 2 more. Unfortunately, that’s hearsay because came screenshot recovery time, I failed it wasn’t there. So take it with a grain a salt there.

That’s not a bad suggestion as I can get used to the flashing down element. These are ideas which a healthy collaboration with the devs can improve gameplay drastically! I’m not sure how it gets pitched to them if it’s not a popular demand I guess. I tried to run an idea once and let’s just say I’m not doing that again.

Back to the last point, those instant spawn replacing previously caught dino were never at locations with multiple spawns at least for me that is. The frequent ones I go to are located: right in front my house lol, there is one near the university, the other one is in another neighborhood. The others I have come across I don’t go back because they weren’t valuable enough in terms of multiple rare spawns. I really have one street(L2)/mall(L4) I go to where I can always rely on picking up a few good dinos when I do go hunting. With the drop in epics though, some days I go out with no return on ourano/bary. Seems like even ourano is dropping it’s spawn and bary is replacing it. Trex is just obsolete, however I did come across it at the movie theater today near the mall, either way, it’s coming this event so more love for Indo!

@Whitecat31, take a look below: @5:11PM and @6:48PM and @8:16PM (I opened a 24hr incubator - useless dna - see image, and then started a 3hr then went back based on the observation of fixed coordinates around 1.5hrs twice and you can tell it’s not in the same exact spot, the fact it is two rares and with the sino event later replaced by tarbo this couldn’t possibly be any better proof lol).

Bad 24hr incubator (just did the math for the first time ever, apparently I’m short 1 DNA, total is 7551 and not 7552, that’s funny always assumed it was right lol…398 epics, 663 rares so the trade off is 1 extra epic/rare in lieu of 1 DNA short total):

Like a few posts above, not all spawn spots are equal. Certain ones are just better like this one (@5:11PM 1st pic, @6:48PM 2nd pic and @8:16PM 3rd/4th pic):

@DinoL3o Well toss some of those notes out the window. They added new spawn spots/nodes everywhere. They increased the density of the nodes. Also of note, I think they may have balanced that out, by reducing some spawn rates of certain nodes. I walked by two spots that would normally always spawn something before 1.6, and now it seems they down perform as well.
Also, they seem to have removed the dawn dusk stuff. There was certain creatures, that would only appear during certain times, and some at even more specific times creating a narrow window to capture DNA from these creatures. I had noticed that some of them, would change into other creatures, when the light change occurred. This creature change would also occur on creatures that are 24 hour types, so I am not sure why. One explanation might be that at certain time changes, there is an automatic re-population of the various creatures in an area, and random number generation will play a part in the populating of the screen/map at the various nodes whether hidden or not. There is also a daily population event in the morning that does a huge switch up of nodes, this includes the populating of towers, chests, and supply nodes. So certain timed events will override everything and that will cause the double spawning on the same spot and override the recovery time of a spawn location. There is also a random range for some, but not all spawn spots, so one creature spawn can over ride another or share spawn spots… The real annoying thing is the Green Park spawn spots, will sometimes spawn another creature on them as well indicating a hidden spawn spot was there, but because you have reached your Green creature quota, you can’t get to the other creature.

@Whitecat31 True, true, true, and true lol. I agree with 4?/all of your points. That’s a neat word to use to describe the spawn locations - nodes. I’ve lost my favorite spot for epic so much for 1.5 efforts. Back to the drawing board and map lol.

I believe the dawn/dusk is an error bug/glitch at the moment. So hang in there for this one. Yup, I have seen the rare/epic play the switcharoo during these transition hours in the past so I don’t think that behavior will change. You might be correct on the reshuffling of the 24hr types but perhaps it might just be simply due to the weight and frequency of certain dinos per said times. It could very well be the same or not but this is something we probably can’t confirm as an observer lol so let’s let it go and just catch the dino you prefer…to catch or let it go.

Shared spawn spots we have discussed this in the past and now with the new nodes I did see an event dino on top of a spawn spot so yeah maybe Ludia hasn’t worked that out quite yet. After catching the event dino another did replace it…cant remember which common but yes I agree (I’ll screenshot it the next time it happens)

Seeing how the lunar event decided to take my closest 2 supply drops and turned them into treasure chests for the past few days (I’m thankful though lol to be able to collect all 8k coins without leaving home, 5 collections of 888, and 1 measly 8) I sense there is some random shuffling that occurs with each weekly event but the points of interest remains the same for the patch. Since this is the first treasure case of 1.6 I’ll hold off on speculating until further. I used to enjoy my supply drops in 1.5 where I would at least get one tower and other with the event dino. Now I can reach my neighbors towers with the extended range so it’s all good lol.

You sound a bit disappointed with the update? lol but let me provide you with some reassurance lol. The long range fixed spawns are still the same appearing and disappearing ~300m. The short range/variable spawns are appearing ~50m and will disappear ~100m. In terms of times and cooldowns those would have to be re-evaluated once I find a stable and reliable node to repeat observations and compare.

So in terms of the spawn mechanics…it’s more work! Number of nodes may have changed or frequency of spawns has been modified or simply the number of dinos per nodes have been increased. All three of these are possibilities from first glance but it’ll take time to make the observation. So let’s get out there and observe! It’ll be so much easier if someone just tell us though lol.

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