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FAQ: Dropping or Deranking Arena/Trophy Analysis

So this question comes up quite often and so here are some numbers for those to consider before dropping arenas/trophies next time.

However, first I would like to apologize to the last 25-27 folks which I had to stomp over to climb my way back up over the last 2 arenas since I do not have a midway team between 20 and my Elite and meta relevant deck for the past few seasons.

This table is representative of a level 20 user as they drop down arenas as to what percentage loss they will take in coins/dna as they derank to those arena levels. The numbers used are calculated based on one cycle/set of incubators along with the 5 battles to go with it in case you were wondering where the numbers came from:
***Note: At arena 5, you’ve completely loss all common dna from the incubators so it’s 100% loss at that level

So is it worth it to drop arenas? If you are dropping more than one arena level you are losing less than 10% across the board so any further deranking, you’re just adding on to your losses. Now is your losses made up by getting the RNG dino you are in need? Perhaps, but how much time/coins/dna have you given up for that handful of Epic/Rare DNA you got by increasing the odds of the dino pool at that arena level. Exception is if you are in need of Miragaia…lol. This table was precisely made for that visual purpose. I’m not encouraging nor supporting the act but I did do it for research/data purposes and I played fairly up to the point I could no longer…lol.

You can click below to view the information that was collected and used for the above

Data Table For Level 20 Player

Arena 10 Incubators/Coins

Arena 9 Incubators/Coins

Arena 8 Incubators/Coins

Arena 7 Incubators/Coins

Arena 6 Incubators/Coins

Arena 5 Incubators/Coins

Arena 4 Incubators/Coins

Arena 3 Incubators/Coins

Image Missing

Thanks for reading!


That’s quite an amazing analysis, bro! Thanks for sharing!

Great analysis, thanks! I always though that it was foolish to drop arenas in purpose. This confirms it.

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MOB - Mind Officially Blown … :exploding_head:

Amazing!! Thanks for the hard work!!

awesome. can you go back and do a study on how much irritator dna you can get if you stay in badlands compared to where you are usually stay at? i think thats why most derank. and a daily incubator analysis

Thanks everyone for the kind remarks.

@Pateradactyl, can I go back? lol not sure I want to anymore. I’ve been down in arenas 3 times since start. One for fun, second to farm for irrit (which was very disappointing then and now lol), third was for this. It’s not a good use of my time and I’ve gathered enough data I think lol. Moreover, it’s too much data required and I’m not sure any of it will be accurate from my one set of observations alone…it’s like keeping track of the stun/crit/evasion averages lol. Not a good use of time or monitoring.

Daily battle incubator appears to follow suit with the 12/24hr incubators where it’s not arena dependent but rather the level you are at. So whether you complete it in arena 10 or 9 the rewards are based on your current player level. I will confirm the 12hr part once I get my next 12hr incubator in arena 10 as the 24hr has been confirmed previously by someone and I’ve reconfirmed it as well. See image below.

24hr Incubator at Arena 9 vs 10

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Never ran the data myself but ive always said dropping is entriely poinltess for the simple fact ur screwing urslef out of dna.

Glad someone ran the numbers to show just how true that is

@afbakappeltaart I love you right now. That was the last match I needed for my Dailies, and filled my final incubator slot.
Thank you for the win :pray:t2:

I think I was one of those people you beat up on last night :joy:.

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np haha, I needed 5 battles in the last 20 minn for last mission and trex dna and couldnt have made it without throwing matches, so I had to drop xD

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