FAQ: Individual Missions Coin/Cash/DNA Amounts and Tasks/Rewards Info

Last Reviewed/Edited 3/4/2019 1255PM PST since posting date of 2/8/2019

Hello, since there is a liking to what I did with the Alliance Missions I’ll do one for the individual missions post 1.6 update Feb 4th, 2019.

Individual missions are simpler so if you understand how this works it also applies the Alliance Missions which can be found here: Alliance Missions Coin/Cash/DNA Amounts and Tasks

If you like this FAQ stuff, search for FAQ in forum, or here’s our alliance master page: DNA/Spawn/Despawn/Coin/Cash Timer Limits + Strategy/Advice

As of Feb21, 2019, Metahub has finally exposed all the good information to complete this post so please refer to their article here: https://metahub.info/guide/6404/jurassic-world-alive-mechanism-of-daily-missions/

Individual Missions Available (12):

You don’t get all these missions every day! They rotate

Cash Reward Missions (7): Daily Defense, Dart Acquisition, Defense Training, Fund Acquisition, Open Incubators, Partner Up, Seek Supplies (CAP appears to be 5 bucks)

Coin Reward Missions (5): Advanced Extraction, Creature Engagement, Common Extraction, Extraction, Marksmanship (CAP appears to be 500 for certain tasks, and other is increasing slowly and is currently verified to reach 275)

  1. Advanced Extraction - collect Rare dino DNA
    • DNA caught/fused will count
    • Incubator DNA counts
    • Rare DNA Requests collected in trading counts
    • Fusing legendary/uniques using Rare/Epic ingredients does NOT count
  2. Creature Engagement - darts fired
  3. Common Extraction - collect common dino DNA
    • DNA caught/fused will count
    • Incubator DNA counts
    • Common DNA Requests collected in trading counts
    • Fusing rare/epic/legendary/uniques using common ingredients does NOT count
  4. Daily Defense - open 1 daily battle incubator (in arena after defeating 10 dinos)
    • Can be done every 21 hrs, can accrue up to 3 days (2 days from before plus today)
  5. Defense Training - do battles
    • Friendly battles and Strike Towers both count!
  6. Dart Acquisition - collect darts from supply drops & incubators!
  7. Extraction - collect any DNA
    • Incubator DNA counts
    • DNA requests collected in trading will count
  8. Fund acquisition - collect coins from supply drops, treasure boxes, strike towers, battles and incubators
  9. Marksmanship - # direct hits
  10. Open incubators - including the free incubator you get every 6hr
    • Strike tower incubators now count for individual missions!
  11. Partner Up - friendly challenge, unlike Alliance missions, Inside/Outside Alliance Friendly battles do count!
  12. Seek Supplies - open supply drops (treasure boxes are counted as supply drops)

Rewards (Finalized 2/22/2019 thanks to MetaHub article above):

DNA (current Trex) Rewards
70 = Collect 4-5 times per @GPx, thanks! (Equivalent to 70 Alanqa?)
85 DNA = Collect 3 times (Equivalent to 100 Alanqa)
90 DNA = Collect 5 times (Equivalent to 110 Alanqa)
95 DNA = Collect 10 times per @neodejavu, thanks! Confirmed! (Equivalent to 120 Alanqa)
100 DNA = MAX/cap amount for Trex DNA per MetaHub article above

Advanced Extraction - Increases by 10 for each day, max at 2000. Explanation of for each day = say yesterday task it was 700 DNA and today’s task it was NOT present, tomorrow it will be 720 if it appears assuming you have been completing the daily individual missions.
Creature Engagement - max at 100
Common Extraction - increases 25 for each day, max at 5000
Daily Defense - max at 1 per day
Dart Acquisition - max at 60
Defense Training - max at 12
Extraction - increases 25 for each day, max at 5000
Fund acquisition - increases 50 for each day, max at 5000
Marksmanship - max at 60
Open incubators - max at 6
Partner Up - max at 1
Seek Supplies - max at 20

So it appears the biggest improvement is putting a cap on incubators opened and the number of battles to be completed for Defense Training. No absolute coin/cash CAPS verified yet, but it does seem like 5 cash is very likely one of them along with 500 coins tasks. The 200s coins is still increasing it appears so stay tuned until we have weeks of daily missions complete!

Thanks for reading and please do let me know if I have any mistakes because clerical error is always possible.


Great work as always @DinoL3o!

Good work DL!! Appreciate your efforts!