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FAQ: Low Level/Fast Strategies (3-8 turns) For RAIDS

Hello fellow DPGs,

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but let’s tackle this new element in the game, and I must say it’s quite the fun!

Basics of Raids:

Which dino goes first?
Speed still plays a role as usual. If two priority moves are done, the faster dino will simply go first
Which dino gets attacked?
READ the description and adapt to the changes in update 2.0 but here are the main new movesets to note...Cunning: Strikes goes for lower HP dinos, Impacts goes for high ATK dinos. Fierce: Strike/Impact goes for lower HP, Rampage goes for high HP. Resilient: Strike goes for low HP, Rampage goes for high SPD dinos
Which dino gets healed first?
READ the description! Even if your Maxima is half dead, if your other dino has a lower HP stat then an emergency heal would take care of that dino first even if it only lost a handful of HP compared to the Maxima. So it literally is which dino on the screen has the lowest HP number.
How to beat each RAID Boss?
COMMUNICATE! You need to set up the right teams/dinos, especially for Mortem Rex, so Discord and other communication platforms are a must unless in game chat is still your thing. Look at the resistance profiles and see what works the best (do not use dinos that have abilities which the boss is 100% resistant to). Finding folks to raid is critical if you want to unlock the Mortem Rex

ARK has opened its door with RAIDs being publicly accessible which will provide strategies and tips along with assistance from the RAIDERs of ARK

ARK serves as a resource to help casual/hardcore players find alliances, build coops, and master the RAIDs. If you think the low-level strategy isn’t possible, then have a look at what we can do with dinos being lower level and fewer boosts applied. RAIDs can be done with fewer folks or fewer dinos depending on the strategy you would like to apply to the boss’s level of difficulty. It’s not always about the 30s or Uniques.

Sino Raid can be easily defeated with Anky/Brachio with a Trex, requiring only two folks/accounts, or you can complete this raid extremely fast with the Anky and an army of Trex.

The Mortem Rex raid, which has been the most difficult in organizing, is now easily defeated with a bit of coordination and timing. In round1, you can reduce its crit rate to survive while round two becomes a cleansing bite on turn 1 and 4, so all of this can determine what dinos and moves to apply to have the last dino standing to take it out. Have a look at what different ways and strategies have been applied: Even a level 23 gorgo with a one-speed boost can be of great help to take down the Mortem Rex!

Mortem Rex with Tuora/Spyx/Tenrex/Maxima

Mortem Rex with Tuora/Dilor/Tenrex/Maxima

Mortem Rex with 24 Tuora/23 Gorgo/30 Tenrex/30 Maxima:

Mortem Rex with 24 Tuora/23 Gorgo/30 Tenrex/30 Maxima:

The Mortem Rex is not something new players can handle, but those that don’t have the 30s Unique Dinos can still bring strategy to the table and join in the fun with a little help from friends. If you want that Mortem Rex, see who can help you in ARK. Join and tag a RAIDERs of ARK, and you will get experts to help you defeat it in no time.

Do you want that Mortem? Is that Gorgo what you can bring?


Video does not play. You cannot download videos. Great guide.

If your alt accounts are strong enough, have you tried all by yourself to beat Mortem with four accounts and four devices?


Sounds like you already know the answer to that question


Tons of people have indo g2 level up which makes for a 6 to 9 round win

Do you know pain? I know pain.

Updating with more visuals to help more low level folks getting mortem rex DNA with the help of the advanced players assist. Seems like a lot of our teammates joining in with gorgo strategy has been getting these kind of results:

Mortem Rex Raid Strategies:

Team1: Gorgo/Maxi/Teno/Tuora (<<< Video link)
Gorgo: Min level is 20, at 21 it is better (3132 crit with distraction on from TenRex, 3342 cleanse strike (no crit) which is why 21 will survive that turn 3 random strike of round1, the RNG turn. May have to repeat if you have 20 Gorgo and MortemRex goes for you)

Can replace Gorgo with a 22+ Tryo

Team2: Dilor/Maxi/Teno/Tuora
Team3: Spyx/Maxi/Teno/Tuora

All level info is included of what is used and what is the min damage needed from the dinos if necessary

ARK teams are providing a wide range of strategies from low-high level strategy approaches (even some with almost 100% every time). These visual guides with the fastest turns are being shared so see what you have missed out on or can come up with and help the community get more DNA out of these raids and spend little time in the raid!

Another visual finished:

Sino Raid Strategies (cap level 15 dino with 5/5/5 boost restriction) No Uniques/Legendaries:

Team: Indom G2 x 4 (level 15 no boosts)
Pick your role, 2 will do the same exact moves, the other two will be the killers of round1 turn2, round2 turn1

If you are going with fewer amount of folks it will take longer but consider the following:

2 person = Anky or Brachio with Trex
3 person = Irrit with 2 Trex’es

What do you think? Want to see what else is in store? ARK will provide the next images and strategy/tips soon…


Another Visual completed:

Mammotherium Raid Strategies (cap level 20 dino with 10/10/10 boost restriction) No Uniques:

Team: Tryo x2 and Tyranno x2 (level 20 no boosts)

Note: Yes if the Mammotherium crits with 5% chance you lose. It is possible your 90% crit rate may fail because of RNG. Otherwise, you should win 100% always even with move variations/changes.

Video links…coming soon (have to compress/convert)

What’s left…the smilonemys raid and the strategy is already done just need to obtain a recording of what has been simulated

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Many strategies are being shared in ARK now. Higher dino levels with boosts applied mean faster raids (less turns) but the goal is to achieve comparable results with lower dinos (from low level beginners) with the help of the more advanced players.

Gorgo Strategy (6-8 turns) has evolved into other dinos that can be of use to mid-level players (caveat if you use Irritator the moves of the other dinos may not apply so watch the video to adapt. Gorgo/Tryo plays are swapped smoothly). New players may not have the tryo (bary has been removed from the wild) or irrit at high level so gorgo would be the quickest path to joining in Mortem raids and it also helps you out in tournaments so it is a win win:

With permission from the SteeQ strategists, another highly successful strategy for mid-level players and above can be seen here:

Last but not least the final raid Smilo and it’s speedy defeat (6 turns) with the help of low level dinos, such as a level 6 Irritator, so you can spend less time with raids and get more folks cycled through!

Smilonemys Raid Strategies (cap level 25 dino with 15/15/15 boost restriction):

Team: Irrit/Tuora (both any level no boosts) with Tryko/Thor

One thing about the Teams of ARK, we work together to bring the best strategies and share it with many folks that want be part of the Raids. Low level players and fast raids is the goal with the assist from stronger teammates! Once again, Raids are open to the public now so you can stop on over if you want to get some help from the Raiders of ARK!

Until next time, see you around fellow DPGs. Hope you enjoyed these strategies from the family of Nerds!

P.S. It’s nice to beat Mortem in 6 turns using calculated math and sanc dinos
Mortem in 6 with 26 Irrit

Hello guys :slight_smile:

Here is my tactic for fast Sino Raid even with low lvl players :wink:

Min. levels of dinos:
Irrit 1 - 6lvl
Irrit 2 - 6lvl
Indom 1 - 15lvl
Indom 2 - 11lvl

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Thanks! I’m joining ark!

Hi, reupload :wink:

Grypolyth Raid Strategies (cap level 25 dino with 15/15/15 boost restriction):

Team: Irrit/Tuora/Thor x2

Thors Chomp Chomp Strat (6 Turns) - Grypolyth cannot heal if it’s at 0 health (fun fact)

Come Raid with us and join the Raiders of ARK! More tips and options to take down the Grypolyth lies there.

Or have fun with some Tenos

Or have more fun with more Irrits:


:+1::+1: very good

More fast raids provided you by UGetOnMyNerds and the teams of ARK. If you need assistance you will get it from the Raiders of ARK.

Video coming shortly

Watch the Indoraptor defeat in action. Thank you @TheNerdHerd, NerdyNomad for helping us bring this beastie down.