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FAQ: Overview of Update 2.0 Resistance and Abilities

Hello fellow DPGs,

Update 2.0 brought some fresh strategy in gameplay no doubt. While there are dinos that may need some special attention, the resistance profiles are quite helpful to see where the meta is shifting. Look at what profiles has the most resistance and you’ll note that is where lots of the strategizing will surround with teams in the arena. What abilities are showing fewer resistances amongst the dinos and what dino got those abilities has potential to run the meta. That’s why you see dinos such as Tryko and Thyla having special niches in the meta. So learn the abilities and apply your best strategy as always!

Have a look at what resistance profiles brought:

Raids introduced another aspect of strategy to best apply dino’s abilities and here is a subjective version/interpretation of the creatures as the creature 2.0 post was not fully accurate to the changes noted:


these tables r fabulous, could I have the editable document, so merge with my dinos list? Thanks very much