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FAQ: Sanctuaries Points, DNA, Sharing Strategy Info

It has been quite some time since I put a FAQ up so let’s try to tackle this new element in JWA. I will try to address all important questions that was not already addressed here with litte repeat but it’ll be shorter here…lol:

Last Updated: 6/27/19 1037AM PST....more info coming

Important notes:

  1. It does not matter if it’s your dino or a strangers/alliance, you get the same DNA amount for caring it with the items, DNA = based off the sanctuary level, not the player or dino level. This by far surpasses the amount of DNA you get from placing a dino in a sanctuary.
  2. Your interaction does not affect the other individuals interactions/DNA amount (if you already cared for one dino, the next person would still benefit at 100% at first caring for the same dino. If both you decide to use more than one of the same item you will both experience diminishing returns.
  3. Unlike DNA trading request, where the DNA amount you can receive is based on your player level (25xYourLevel for Rare, 100xYourLevel for Common), Sanctuaries provide a uniform DNA gain for all player levels since it is based on the sanctuary level itself.
  4. Dogma of Sanctuaries: Strategize → Best Dino Starters = More SP → Level Up Sanctuary → More DNA, this would apply for everyone! (many alliances can reap the benefit, not just one or two, strategies provided below)
  5. You get DNA when you interact with the dinos (if you are not seeing this then you need to pay closer attention to the animation/preview functions: watch a video sample of Interacting/Feeding with a Dino)

Highlights worth remembering:

  1. Higher sanctuary level = more DNA for Food/Interact/Toys interactions, doesn’t matter what your player or dino level is
  2. Dinos placed into sanctuary = fixed DNA amount upon return, regardless of its level or your player or sanctuary level
  3. Dino Level + Rarity + Boost = higher sanctuary points


How many dinos can I place into sanctuaries?
  • 4 max, all can be placed into one sanctuary or each can be in their own
How many sanctuary items can I collect per day? Accrue?
  • From Orange/Blue supply drops = 4 Food and 4 Toys per 24hr
  • From Green supply drops = 2 Food and 2 Toys per 24hr
  • From Free incubator = 2 Interaction every 6hrs
  • You can accrue up to: 12 Food, 12 Toys, 8 Interaction items in your inventory
  • 24hr reset coincides with your coin supply reset, so when you can collect coins/cash again is when you can collect these care items. For USA PST, it is currently 5pm as of June 27th, 2019
How do I claim the title of a Sanctuary?
  • Be the first to place a dino in it
How close do I need to be to claim a Sanctuary? What is local?
  • For any sanctuary claim, you must be within the larger blue diameter, this is 150m for most, while 200m for VIP folks = definition of LOCAL
  • To extend the sanctuary reset time for an alliance this requires you to be LOCAL per said parameters above. Adding a dino to a sanctuary via your shared alliance does not count as local!
How many dinos can be placed into a Sanctuary?
  • 24, each level up gives you an additional dino slot, except for level 20 which will unlock 2 slots
  • Formula to figure out how many slots of dino is available is 4 + (Sanctuary Level - 1) = current slots available for dinos. Exception would be Level 20 where the formula becomes 4 + 20 (you get an extra slot for achieving the max)

Strategy & Research In Progress

How many sanctuaries can I share?
  • Up to 4 and as long your alliance hasn't already hit 100 sanctuaries (because 50x4 =200) it'll get shared automatically once you add a dino to a new or currently leveled up sanctuary
  • It's been observed and not wise to deploy all 4 of your dinos at once if you want to utilize alliance sharing of the sanctuary. Keeping a reserve set of dinos will allow you to extend the timer
Which rarity/level/boosted dino gets more DNA per interaction?
  • Common > Rare > Epic
Which rarity/level/boosted dino gets more Sanctuary Points?
  • Epic > Rare > Common
  • Level 30 Dino > Level 20 > Level 10
  • Boosted > Non-Boosted
  • So basically a level 30 epic dino with boosts applied would be the best dino to use as a starter and continuation to level up any sanctuary quickly
  • If this dino's DNA happens to be desired by many, then it is the ideal dino to be placed into a sanctuary throughout the rotation of dinos being placed in the sanctuary to continue the 24hr timer while awaiting for Dinos to return post 48hrs
Do you get more DNA with Sanctuary Level Up?
  • Yes, the increments are more obvious with Common > Rare > Epic, but it will be 0-1 increase in DNA per each element of interaction for each level of the sanctuary. CAPs/Limits are yet to be seen until someone reaches Sanctuary 20
How does Sanctuary XP/Points work?
  • The XP/Points gained are the same across Food/Interaction/Toys (F/I/T) and this is based on 3 factors: Rarity/Level/Boost of the dino placed. It has nothing to do with your player or dino level
  • Bear in mind that a level 30 common may provide more Sanctuary Points than a low level Epic/Rare so consider which dinos you deploy first by seeing what the alliance got and what they need/want from sanctuaries. For instance, if everyone wants Kentro and someone has a level 30, by all means this dino should go in first, simply to help level up the sanctuary quickly while everyone can still interact with it at the current sanctuary level DNA amounts
How much Sanctuary XP/Points is needed to level up?
  • Big thanks to @Anuj_K for the verification/code
  • Image Missing

How does DNA amount given for F/I/T work?
  • Using the items (Food/Interaction/Toys) will give you immediate DNA amounts per the preview which is calculated based on set "behaviors" of the dinos and the current Sanctuary level. So once again higher sanctuary levels will increase the DNA.
  • Many folks say they are not getting DNA for the interactions so I'll have you watch a short video for you to use to compare to when you perform your next interaction with a dino: [Watch The Feeding of A Dino For DNA](
What happens if I keep feeding/interacting/toying with the dinos, does the DNA amount lower? By how much?
  • Yes, it does lower. The current observation is first interaction is 100%, 2nd = 50%, 3rd and beyond appears to be fixed at 20-25% (currently verifying formula) of the original DNA amount given to the dino at the current sanctuary level plus rounding. See example below for Tarbosaurus (13-7-3-3-3, 41-21-9-9)
  • Each Food/Interaction/Toys will have separate DNA figures based on set "behaviors" for the dinos
When does thes DNA amount given for F/I/T reset?
  • After 3hrs, it resets, so you can repeat the interactions with Food/Interaction/Toy items to get the max DNA again at 100% value
  • If you cannot wait for the reset and choose to keep caring for the dino you will receive diminishing returns, i.e. less dna, see previous question and below for picture examples
  • You can visually tell if you are past the reset hour simply by previewing the dino DNA reward amount before committing to the interaction
Which activity is better? Feeding versus Play versus Interact?
  • From glance overview, Food/Toy will give you more DNA than Interaction items
  • Does this mean you should do all Food for say Common and Rare, but Interact with Epics? No. At the end of the day you will have more DNA regardless. Where you choose to apply these items is your prerogative. The examples given here is to get an idea what to expect if you were to put your focus on one dino at a time with the sanctuary items
How much DNA are we gaining from these Sanctuaries?
  • Using the data collected thus far and based on the assumption you collect all 6 toys and food items from supply drops and maximize the free incubator of 6 interact items, at the current level 1-5 sanctuaries here are the ranges of expected return for applying all 6/6/6 to the same duplicate dinos in the sanctuary. Applying them to one dino back to back will decrease the DNA quantity.
  • ![Image Missing](upload://qQSwdehCvsyMnknz943pb4PfHAF.png)
  • At Sanctuary Levels 1-5, you roughly get 3x the Rare compared to Epic, or 9-10x Common compared to Epic. As you increase the Sanctuary level these numbers will continue to increase! This is really helpful for those arena specific dinos or highly sought dinos not in the min guaranteed of incubators such as Diplodocus.
How much DNA do you get when a dino returns after 48hrs?
  • Regardless of your player/dino/sanctuary level, after 48hrs any dino that was placed into a sanctuary will give you the following DNA amounts:
  • Epic = 5 DNA
  • Rare = 15 DNA
  • Common = 45 DNA
  • Until higher level sanctuaries are achieved/verified, a preliminary remark can be made that the DNA we gain are likely to remain at the same proportion/rate with the ratio of 1:3:9
  • So in terms of leveling up a sanctuary, if you feel like these minuscule DNA matters a lot to you compared to the interaction which gives a lot more, then it's best you tell your alliance you should take turns placing dinos in a sanctuary with a set schedule...too much work in my opinion. Just focus on leveling up the sanctuary and the interactions alone will give you more DNA than this chump change at 24hr/48hr mark.
What happens if you failed to extend the 24hr time limit to share with your alliance?
  • You'll lose 24hrs of sharing with the alliance. Only those that placed dinos in the sanctuary will still have access to it via the dino inventory menu.
  • If you (the individual that is LOCAL to the sanctuary) have an available dino to use, simply placing a dino into the same previously used sanctuary will reclaim it and autopopulate back to the shared alliance.
  • Be sure to have open dino slots at all times to keep the sanctuary sharing going, suggestion of 2, if you are the only person local to the sanctuary
  • So, the same sanctuary can be reclaimed and reshared!
How does the quantity of DNA you get with interaction compare to placing a dino in a sanctuary? Which is better?
  • Interaction > Dino Placement. You get much more DNA from interaction by a increasing variable margin with increasing sanctuary levels. Using the amounts from the question above and dividing by 2 to get how much DNA you get for placing a dino in a sanctuary per day you get:
  • Epic = 2.5 DNA per day
  • Rare = 7.5 DNA per day
  • Common = 22.5 DNA per day
  • If you have done just 1-2 interaction with a stranger's dino in a sanctuary you should agree that you can easily surpass these closed
  • Is it worth screaming out for a spot in a sanctuary, no. You can easily gain much more DNA from interacting with the dinos, so it behooves you to be a team player and help level the sanctuary up whether it's yours or not, because the interaction DNA gain will increase with leveling of the sanctuary. Who doesn't want more DNA?
Is it better to create more sanctuaries or level up a few?
  • Fewer sanctuaries > Many sanctuaries
  • It's definitely easier to create your own sanctuaries and collect small DNA amounts this way but would you rather click through dozens of shared sanctuaries for a lesser DNA overall? You may not notice much of a difference at lower Sanctuary Levels but at a higher level sanctuary with multiple Kentros/Erlikos/Bary2/Irrit will be easier to F/I/T. A leveled up Sanctuary will give you more DNA!
  • It's best to coordinate with your alliance what are the top dinos in demand and work those Sanctuary levels as high as possible as quickly as possible. One person can only take it so far with 6-12 sanctuary items per day!
How do I keep the shared alliance sanctuary going past 24hrs? Why should I?
  • Keeping the Sanctuary going means more DNA for everyone that uses that sanctuary
  • Considering your dino(s) return to you in 48hrs, it's not a good idea everyone in the alliance places all 4 dinos out into a sanctuary in day 1 then there will be no continuation of the hard efforts for more DNA of the current sanctuary
  • Keep in mind, if you or anyone in your alliance LOCALLY adds in one dino before the 24hr clocks runs out, the shared sanctuary will have another 24hrs allotted to it, so make sure you or any other alliance members locally keep a dino reserve to keep the clock going
  • Adding dinos in a coordinated timely manner will not only keep the high level sanctuary going but everyone in the alliance can utilize it to gain the most DNA out of it within the 2 week timeframe
  • If you can manage to create multiple high level sanctuaries then everyone will see the benefit of this strategy....this is where teamwork and outside chat is most beneficial
Example of one Common Dino: Tarbo's Sanctuary DNA Values
  • Tarbosaurus at Sanctuary 1-5 (SP = Sanctuary Points)
  • ![Image Missing](upload://5WnwU2dJ8Gjv1LJuWOsbQzhkL9I.png)
  • This is to demonstrate the effect of leveling up a sanctuary and the increments of the DNA per interaction. The abnormal SP (sanctuary points with one Tarbo data) is the result of a boost applied.
Example of repeating same caring action with Tarbosaurus with Interact items
  • Here is an example of interacting with Tarbo too many times and seeing the diminishing returns in DNA
  • ![Image Missing](upload://gmncw0Zw8MHt1km2ZodQXwquUY3.jpeg)
  • Tarbo Interact Item went from 13 - 7 - 3 - 3 - 3 so it's best to have multiple dinos in a sanctuary or wait 3hrs before interacting with it again
  • ![Image Missing](upload://eQ2MW6RdBeIu4x0FUuwrDjfDzZ4.jpeg)
  • Tarbo Feeding went from 41-21-9-9. Yes it's a waste of interaction but data is needed to verify the current working formula

Well that is all folks, if you feel like there is a question that should be looked into just post below! Otherwise, I leave you with much more headaches below!

Advanced Strategy

Can a level 20 Sanctuary be achievable?
  • Yes, there are many ways to achieve this. The factors to accomplishing this would be: minimal sanctuaries created, high level/rarity/boost dinos deployed and used in the cycling of SP utilized to level up the sanctuary, number of folks interacting with it daily, and most importantly how active everyone can be consistently. Co-Op can significantly bypass some of the deficiencies.
Can a Co-Op Sanctuary be a thing?
  • Yes, remember that you only need one person from your alliance to know a second sanctuary from another alliance, as long one dino is placed into both sanctuaries from each alliance, both alliance would be working together utilizing a shared high level sanctuary. The big question is, do you share common goals?
Who would benefit the most from Co-Op Sanctuaries
  • Low level players, small alliances, low active alliances
If we are sharing sanctuaries how can we get what we want out of it?
  • Everyone benefits from high level sanctuary in the amount of DNA returned per interaction. The best way to approach to setting this up is via the forum or whatever means you desire. First, ask yourself if you had to pick 1 or 2 dinos to work on what would it be (ideally this is best practical approach anyways)? There is no point in spreading thin by having multiple dinos because you are limited by how many interactions you can do per day (unless these items could be purchased in the future).
  • What you'll find or hope to find, that the majority will agree on the top meta relevant dinos. So use this as the guide/goal to set up the Co-Op accordingly and when the extra slots open after, you only need 1 or 2, or if you want 3 of the next desired dino to be placed into the sanctuary. Those that want to work with 1 dino could still benefit from this. Higher sanctuary levels = more slots available to use. Most reasonable folks will probably work with one dino at a time and if they're willing to interact with a dino twice a day, 3 duplicate dinos will suffice for strategy, thus leaving lots of room for others and their dinos of need!
  • Remember though, if you are Co-Op with another alliance sanctuary you would end up doubling the amount of dinos you can use to gain DNA from
  • Picture this, two level 20 sanctuaries, with >14 dinos to choose from at max DNA per interaction is totally possible but it does require some strategizing and finding other alliances in your local
Strategy Sample 1 = Diversity in Dinos Deployed (Lower Sanctuary Levels)
  • Start with a handful of Sanctuaries, let's use 5 for this sample
  • No more than 3 duplicate dinos of any kind
  • Right off the bat you can have 6 different dinos, the catch with this set up is if you want a specific dino you will have to interact with it twice after 3hrs to get the max attempts of 6 per day assuming you didn't accrue care items
  • Don't forget as you level up these 5 sanctuaries you'll unlock more dino slots and this strategy will allow you to have more dinos for everyone in the alliance, but as implied above your starters should be cranking out the most SP = highest level dinos + rarity > rarity/level alone > boosts
Strategy Sample 2 = Efficiency with Few Dinos (Higher Sanctuary Levels)
  • Start with a couple of Sanctuaries
  • No more than 6-12 duplicate dinos of any kind, but even 3 can work so decide upon yourselves!
  • Right off the bat you can have 2-3 different dinos, the catch with this set up is you don't play often and you don't want to open up many sanctuaries and be able to utilize all your caring items in one shot. This setup is geared towards alliances where few dino DNAs are desired.
  • This strategy doesn't allow for variety of dinos but it decreases the time you need to interact with the sanctuaries in total
Example 1: what can a level 20 dino do for an alliance of 50 active folks?

Example 2: what can a level 20 dino do for a Co-Op alliance (two alliances working together) of 100 active folks?

Example 3: what can a level 20 dino do for a Co-Op alliance of 150 active folks?

Example 4: what can a level 30 dino with boosts do for an alliance of 50 active folks?

Suggested tips:

  1. Best startup is to get a general consensus on what dinos do most folks in the alliance wants to work on for the 2 weeks, each day you want to use the most of the 6 Food, 6 Toys, and 6 Interaction (collected over 18hrs, 2 for each 6hrs).
  2. Determine how many different dinos you have from step 1 (fewer is better), use this number and multiply by 3-6, to get a rough idea of how many sanctuaries you should start and level up to reach the slots needed to accommodate all of them! Remember less sanctuaries and higher level means you can put in more dinos and collect more DNA quickly over the 2 week period.
  3. Whoever has the highest level of said dino should be one of the folks to initiate the shared alliance sanctuary by claiming any sanctuary, this helps leveling up the sanctuary quicker. Slowly as folks jump on the game, you can add to the same sanctuary.
  4. The leaders of the sanctuaries created should have a dino reserve of 2 to keep the cycle of 24hrs reset for shared alliance going until they get their dinos back post 48hrs. Having a local alliance member backup would reduce the reserve from 2 to 1 simply.

Example: If your alliance chooses to level 5 sanctuaries, that means you can start off with 20 dinos, as you level it up to say level 5, now you have a total available slot of 40 dinos which once again can all be the same dinos but given that you have 6 attempts for F/I/T per 24hrs, at this total of 40 it’ll be a waste to put more than 6 of the same dinos unless these F/I/T become available for purchase in the store. Remember after 3hrs you can repeat the interaction again. So maybe consider doing 3 of the same dino instead if variety of the dinos is priority but this would mean you’ll have to interact twice to use your 6 caring items



Thank you DinoL3o! Great info. It sounds like to maximize DNA it is really important to coordinate within an alliance.

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That’s absolutely true, since you have 14 days to utilize/maximize each sanctuary, you have to ensure you have someone to back you up to keep that sanctuary going for the alliance before the 24hrs run out. Strategizing is key and everyone will be easily getting a lot of their favorite/desirable/unattainable DNA in a pace that costs less $$$.


First run down of analysis:

So on a daily basis here is what you can expect to collect DNA wise from Sanctuaries:

So you can see Epic is roughly speaking 3x slower than rare and 9x slower than common

To show where some of these numbers come from:


do you have a chart on rare dna? like the one above.

Any other dinos besides pyro that don’t like feeding better than the other 2 actions?

I wish! I’m not a dataminer so I can’t provide that sorry! However comparing to how the incubator DNA growth rate I can say my prediction is it won’t increase more than 10 in total by the time you reach Sanctuary Level 20

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it does. it goes to 12 feeding and 9 toy for irri at level 5. interactions are always lower. trying to make sense out of that… why we get it only from 6hr incs and can only hold 9. i understand 8 in a day though. 4 x 2. but it yields the least dna…

I meant the total increments after all is done. 10 isn’t a max number but added number.

Epic: by sanctuary level 20, no more than 10 where you started so say you are collecting 4 now, by level 20 I don’t think it will pass 14 if you get what I’m saying
Rare: by sanctuary level 20, no more than 14 increases
Common: …who knows lol


i dont understand that sorry lol. like 10 total times per dino in one sanc? it seems i can still tap it after i reach the lower dna, multiple times.

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No @Pateradactyl lol. You can of course click or use the items multiple times but you’re not being efficient at that point. Right now everyone has a surplus of the items. The more you use the items you end up getting either 1/2 or 1/4 of the max DNA for the dino at the current sanctuary level. There is rounding involved but let’s forget about that for now.

I was predicting the behavior of what is the max DNA we could possibly get for reaching sanctuary level 20. I’m almost certain it won’t increase more than 10 DNA total by the time you reach sanctuary level 20. Look at the tarbosaurus example for common and you’ll see what I’m referring to how each sanctuary level increases about 0-1 DNA for each feed/play/interact. Rare and epic will progress even slower.

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208 on rare for tier 5. 12feed 5interaction 9toy for irri. so if its 10 more dna at 20 then thats 358 rare per day.

have to find the pattern. right now its 2.4 per level for rare feeding.

Can someone clarify this… what happens if no one places another dino before the clock runs out? It is no longer accessible to the alliance (only the owner)? Thanks!

@Pateradactyl I don’t think we are on the same page yet lol but here are some more numbers for you to look at how I came to those conclusions at the current state. Once you exhaust the excess items you have for the sanctuary you shall see where those 6s come from:

@DeLana you got the right idea, if no dino is placed into the shared sanctuary within 24hrs, the timer runs out and the alliance can no longer utilize it’s high level status to gain more DNA. However, with that said, since all dinos will return within 48hrs, after 1 day of loss, that sanctuary may be put back into the shared alliance sanctuary as long it doesn’t relocate the next day and someone claims it again (remember to claim it you must be the first person to put a dino in it and secondly your alliance hasn’t hit 100 shared sanctuaries). If the sanctuary does relocate then all the hard work would be lost and the whole 2 weeks is pointless. I hope the sanctuary does not relocate! lol…we shall have our answer in a little over 8hrs.


I’m still a bit confused about how these work, could someone please clarify? Do you only get dna for the dinos you place in the sanctuary? Or do you collect dna for any Dino you interact with? Or get it for all dinos in all sanctuaries in your alliance?

So is it better to spread the love with your f/i/t or just focus on one or two dinos that you want?

Placing the dino in a sanctuary alone (currently) will not give you DNA. Placing the dino in a strategic timely manner with your alliance or other DPG in the hoods will increase your likelihood someone visiting the sanctuary and interacting with the dinos. You must interact with the dinos (could be yours, strangers, or from your alliance) to obtain DNA.

If you’re in need of one specific dino I would dedicate all those resources towards it. Some may choose to use the toys for a rare dino and the food for an epic since those two categories (food/toys) generate more DNA for the dino of interest. This is a personal preference. Key thing to do is locate/create a high level sanctuary and then use it to gain more DNA quickly before the timer runs out.


Right, so when the time runs out there’s no windfall of dna for the dinos you put in there? That’s what I thought was gonna happen :see_no_evil: instead the only dna is from the little amounts you get every time you f/i/t so if you want e.g. Allosaurus, you find out who in your alliance has the highest, most boosted allosaurus to get the most out of it… yeah?

Sorry for being a bit thick, I don’t know how everyone seems to know all this already, lol.

ETA: and if that’s the case, what’s in it for the people providing the high level dinos?

The DNA you obtain from F/I/T the dino is not related to the dino level but rather the level of the sanctuary and the set “behavior.” Behavior = some dinos respond better to food, or toys, or interacting (haven’t seen one for this category yet).

Having high level dinos is useful in regards to the sanctuary points you can gain for each activity performed with the dinos thus accelerating the leveling up of the sanctuary.

High level dino/higher rarity/higher boosts -> more sanctuary points -> level up sanctuary quicker -> more DNA at higher sanctuary levels


Hey guys. Is anyone else seeing this? It seems the sanctuary can only be reshared back to one’s alliance for another 24 hours if the additional dinos placed are from another local alliance member? (or the owner who started the sanctuary?).

Dinosaurs placed in by other alliance members (who are generally not local) have not extended the 24 hour clock.
And if this is the case- - Shouldn’t this change to: the sanctuary re-share occurs if another alliance member places a dino in there- regardless of where they are globally? We are a global game. Here there are 50 of us and only a few of us are local to each other- which is the same case for most alliances.