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FAQ: Sanctuaries Points, DNA, Sharing Strategy Info

how about some video :blush: i recorded mine for YouTube. i know, now im asking for to much lol.

Sheesh…you are! When the time is right…trying to use it for something here…lol. Aren’t you supposed to join us a long time ago? lol

i guess im having to much fun where im at now :blush:

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just to verify that i didnt photoshop. i know that others have done it quicker. woupd love to see some videos of the sanc and its contents.

Videos can be edited too :slight_smile: but don’t worry, the people that don’t believe you… leave them in their bubble

The sanctuary work is awesome. I wish I was in an alliance with high level sanctuaries :expressionless: Doesn’t even have to be 20 I’d settle for level 18.

I even have a super sanctuary growing dino that doesn’t get as much use as one would expect.

While I am replying to make sure I can keep finding this thread easy I was also wondering if there was one resource that shows everything such as commons get this dna at level 13 in addition to all the sanctuary xp and other factors.

@Fedora that is a lot of info you’re asking for that I’m just not going to cooperate with lol.

Boosts 2.0 Effects on Sanctuary Oct 22nd, 2019

One word: NERF

Although the base SP has been bumped up by 20%, who here is going to put 100s of boosts into their sanctuary dinos at the moment while trying to turn their 8 into meta dominating dinos? lol

Anyways, let’s just use one set of examples because this could be a glitch still as dinos that were placed prior to the boost reset are showing higher than usual SP which has been verified with the information below. New dinos placed into sanctuary reflects the correct SP though.

The following are base SPs calculated and determined for both Boost 1.0 and Boost 2.0 (this SP table does not apply to Stygi/Pachy/Allo2/Carbo/Blue/Diplo as it is the slow pattern for Epics) (because of rounding +/-1):

At the moment it appears the usage of the following SP gain is still in effect:

Will update once we have some folks willing to waste away some boosts or anyone willing to fire some numbers I can verify! Just waiting for data lol

Another short edit will be added later today after classes…

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Idk if someone posted it before but here is average DNA rewards (F+I+T) on different sanctuary level:

It’s not 100% accurate because for Common and Epic rewards depends on creature (for Rare it always same at same sanctuary level). It’s based on 300 unique data.

Does anyone know how much a level 20 sanctuary DNA yield has been nerfed since the latest updated? I could have swore I was getting more the 100 dna daily.

And are these level 20 sanctuaries even worth it anymore?

Hey there @Rachel_Matteson, I’m guessing you’re referring to a common dna at 100 per day as that is not possible with rare/epic. Chances are you have interacted with the dino more than once within a 3hr time period…so watch your clock next time or set a timer…lol. Rest assured the amounts have not changed since 1.9. Please find the amounts in a huge picture for popular dinos here:

To answer your last question, huge yes! Free dna is free dna. Co-Op changes the perspective. But hey all the info you need to decide whether it’s for your team(s) is all above.

I’m going to edit the one post above with the last tidbit of detail (nothing major) then that completes this thread once again.

how would i figure out how much sp a level 28 unboosted tany would give?

Lol…guess? hahaha

Boost 1.0 (Base SP) x 1.20 Boost 2.0 Change (rounddown) = looking at 88 for 28 slow pattern common

@Pateradactyl I apologize that number is not correct. Tany is medium growth pattern and not slow so the number is expected to be: 92

Brain fart I forgot my table:


ok that helps a bit more.

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ok so… 3 accounts with 32 fips each need to get a sanc from 0 to 6. 92 per fip x 32= 2944 x 3 accounts =8832 of 9450 for level 6 correct? so i need 6.7 more fips correct?

To reach sanctuary level 6 you need 9450 SP yup. Where did you get 32 from?

You can now collect:
Orange: 4 of each Food/Interaction/Toys (FIT…lol…nouns)
Green: 2 of Food/Toy
Treasure case: 6 of each FIT
The total would be 12 + 4 + 18 = 34 FITs (Food, Interaction, Toy items)

At 92 SP x 3 accounts x 34 = 9384 SP (short of 66 or 1 more item)

yes you can get more and ill still have the reset but inventory only allows you to hold 32(12,8,12).

also is that permanent or just for Halloween?

Yes there are two extra Interaction you can get during this event week (6 from case and 4 from Orange supply drops) I just make sure to use two and then I collect without worrying the wasted 2 lol. Don’t forget those free incubators! So you pretty much should be able to get it in one shot buddy!

The 6/6/6 treasure box is for this week only unless they do it for other occasions.

But moving forward Ludia is expecting you to pretty much collect 6 Food/Toy items per day whereas Interactions you should be able to get the 8 (4 from Orange and 4 from free incubators if you open them 2x a day) => all because now it’s part of Defense Mission tasks

P.S. 2x a day for 6hr free incubator is easy, I manage to grab the 3rd in a day usually so just use those Interactions as soon as you get them! lol


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Enjoy folks! These were the changes someone has asked and level 20 is easier now to obtain so work on those Co-Op teams and who knows we may meet up some day in a massive collaboration.


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