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FAQ: Unannounced Updates & Fixes Log


If you like this FAQ stuff, search for FAQ in forum, or here’s our alliance master page: DNA/Spawn/Despawn/Coin/Cash Timer Limits + Strategy/Advice

Hey, just starting a simple post to keep track of any updates that happens without official updates. I’ll keep the more recent information on top. So with that here we go (sorry If i’m late with this info lol):

***As of tba/reconfirmed Dracoceratops 3 turn delay (supposed to be 2) is no longer an issue after using acute stun. It looks like this is not fully fixed yet and yesterday 2/21/19 was just a fluke perhaps backend testing/fixing.

As of 2/8/19 (lasted 4 days), lunar treasure boxes are affected by range, it no longer gives you 888 coins at the long range mark (150m/200m), 222 coins is lowest amount it appears. So you have to get within the 50m to get the 888 coins.

As of 2/7/19 (lasted 3 days), dawn/dusk times are now present. Since introduction of 1.6 patch of 2/4/19 it was missing.


Dracocera is still not fixed for me just had a match where he had a 3 turn lockdown… t1 acute stun t2 rampage t3 still had to clense before i could finally swap out on turn 4


That’s odd because all day yesterday it was working as intended and I did a whopping 69 battles. A few other DracoC user in our alliance said it seems to be fixed too. I may be too quick to say it’s fixed for everyone then. Sorry @Evicton


I don’t know how universal this is: I hadn’t been able to get friendly battle invitations since they started friendly battles, and with the Mardi Gras update I have started getting them.