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Farewell, fellow explorers

I havent been active for a long while, and after hearing about the update thats about to drop and how evasion is going to run rampant again imo, ive decided that im done playing. The top dinos become way too difficult to consistently level, the same dinos show up every game, star boosts ruining the experience, and all that combined makes me just not want to play the game anymore. At least Rat is getting nerfed though, so thats a plus.

I have already removed my subscription, and once the week ends, i will no longer take the game seriously. Its been a fun two or so years, and i thank you all for a good community, and seriously wish the game gets fixed in the future.

Might still show up at posts every now and then, but im mostly an inactive boi now thanks to having lost my interest and faith to this game


Goodbye thread