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Farewell Guys!

This is a weird topic to make as there’s a lot of you who don’t know me, forgotten about me since I haven’t been active here in months or don’t care either way but rather than post in my last topic which would inevitably be closed for necro-posting (even though it would be relevant), I thought I’d make a new one because Ludia is fine with people opening pointless topics about literally anything right? :upside_down_face:

Since my last topic on my 1 year’s progress since returning to the game / joining the forums back in July, I have lost all remaining interest in playing the game completely, so I made the decision to uninstall it today. I can’t remember the last tournament I participated in, I have no interest in completing the same events each day and I struggle to even open the game to fuse / hatch things anymore. Maybe I’ll find enjoyment in the game in the future but unfortunately for now, it’s the end of the road.

But in the interest of continuing to document my journey in the game, I thought I’d post my lineup one final time. Not all that much has changed since my 1 year post, especially in my cenozoic / aquatic lineups however I have been fusing a lot to create all the hybrids I was missing to reach that completionist status - being a pre-reshuffle player I have most of the market unlocked now. I never intended on taking my lineup beyond L1 Indoraptor as I’ve always preferred having a deep lineup so my goal was to have at least 8 (maybe more) of everything you see in the top 10ish creatures.

As before, thank you again to @Sionsith, @Bandeezee, @Timmah, @Jurassic_Fury, @Andy_wan_kenobi, @Subxero11, @Aether_12, @MirrMurr, @Cagkan_Coskun, @OstaposaurusBae and others for your help and advice within the game - it’s been a fun ride and it has been great to be a part of this community. Good luck with all your own progress in the game and stay safe out there. See ya!


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