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Farewell to my Sand Dunes family

Just want to wish my beloved alliance members farewell and want to thank everyone for the fun, great times and generosity! It has been an honor knowing and sharing time with you over the last months! I will surely miss you all, as well as those that have already departed, but I am just not getting any enjoyment out of the game… I can’t even hunt now, cause my game GPS is non-functional… Will stick around for a few more days to donate whatever DNA I can, if that’s alright with everyone… Take care, Graecosaurus…


Nooooo!!! Et tu Graeco? :sob:

You will be missed my friend :frowning_face:

… got any Irritator? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is getting like the scene from Endgame now with the numbers of the missing racking up …


Sad to see you and those before you go. We have all had good times and have been there for each other along the way. I’m giving hq til Friday to fix or at least communicate with us. I’m not a duner, but had to say good bye and best wishes :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, Graecosaurus, thank you for sharing this part of life with us. I love seeing your name pop up as a next text suggestion in my phone! I have enjoyed playing with you! (((Hugs))) :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::sunglasses: Check in when you think of us or when you need some encouragement. You’re always family, Anthony!


You will be missed! It has been fun and don’t be a stranger if you want to check in every once in a while. You know where to find us! :grin:


@Anthony_Papadopoulos what??? Whats going on? Its not funny anymore… few of our great solid players are gone. Ludia are you listening??? Or you want me to go directly to your HQ to voice out our sentiments and speak with you guys personally. I’m just a few mins drive… Ludia are you there??? Helllloooo???


I wish you all the best Graceo. You are great guy! Know that you are always welcome to come back!


Do it! Get a list of all the top players and their rank and present it to Lydia HQ!


Nooooo, you will be missed! I personally will miss our friendly battles.

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Sorry to hear you are leaving.

Had same problem with GPS that just don’t track movement properly. First I tried switching between PoGo and JWA as Pogo tracks it normally. Then I found out that GPS in JWA works if I start google maps navigation (start driving) and have it in background.

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Take care Anthony. Never interacted with you in game but I read a lot of your posts.

Stop by once in awhile and say hi. :slight_smile:


What the hell is happening to sand dunes that’s at least two posts like this I’ve seen

The same thing that’s happening across the board. People are leaving the game in droves. It’s sad, I love our dune family.


Well bear this in mind, this wonderful alliance is by no means the only alliance to be dropping members like a speed boosted Thor on a rampage right now, but the reason you’re hearing about it is because most of us met on this forum so were, and are regular posters. We joined because we were all active both on here and on the game itself and shared the same sense of humour, friendliness and dedication to the game. People have dropped for many reasons, but I have to say no-one will have done this lightly and - speaking for myself, but know others feel the same - it will have been a painful decision because of the amazing camaraderie, friendship and support within this alliance. And the remaining alliance members are amazing people. We are all still staying in touch. What does that say? Some people may feel the game is no-longer fun to play, so have dropped out… but the friendships made are lasting :heart:


sand dunes isnt going anywhere though. the core is stronger then ever. ive been a member from the start and will continue to stand with my brothers and sisters through these times!!



@Rothferd tell me who among them. Early in the morning will visit them lol!

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@ResearchGirl Very well said!! Some may left because of personal reasons and how the 1.7 updates went through but the the closeness we have in our Alliance will always be there no matter what. :clap::clap::clap:

@Pateradactyl Yes! We can pass this trials all the way hahaha :clap::clap::clap:


our warriors are resting. when the time is right, @Hersh and @ResearchGirl will return.


Sorry to hijack your thread my friend, but didn’t think the forum needed another.

“They killed all my friends” - Kraglin, Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Slightly melodramatic, but it’s how I feel - so many of the original crazy gang have left or have gone quiet (especially in my time zone); it’s just not the same any more - with all due respect and love to those who remain.

I took a break from the social side a while back - its time to do so again. I still love the game and am playing regularly and hope the current situation is resolved, but that hope fades a little more with each passing day.

I will hover in the background of Sand Dunes (if that is ok @Piere87) and continue to contribute, unless it just becomes too painful in which case I will leave and find an alliance where I can just do the daily grind without the emotional attachment :cry:

Thanks y’all for the ride - it was fun while it lasted.


If you players all take a break, I hope that you will come back soon. I’ve been here pretty long didn’t talk much at first… and seen your posts from multiple people in here. Some of the mutual reasonable people keep leaving or falling back some.

I hope what they do…might help to welcome you all back soon.