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Couldn’t be more over this game. The Boosts are still ridiculous and totally ruin the experience for me. Been playing since day one and I feel like it was all wasted time. It was fun while it lasted.


I agree. Some of the boosts are not fair. I saw t rex with over 140 speed

I just faced a 4000+ damage DSR draco, because of the health boost on top, he used it 3 times and did nothing else but won.


Dont blame yas. Hope you guys find greener pastures.

If you dont buy all the boosts from the store, every time they are available, then there is no point in playing anymore.

Because they are for sale, it made Boosts just too powerful for casual players, this cannot be argued :pensive:


My team is made up of 27s,28s and a 29 Trag. I’m getting murked by teams in the low 20s (22,24), and losing huge amounts of trophies due to it. This maintenance changed nothing.


And so many people got FREEEEEREE hard cash!!! That’s so not fair



Have you tried buying boosts for your team?
You should be able to get 8 of them T5ish in everything but speed.
If you don’t buy them, you will get crushed.
T5 will be a pretty mandatory baseline to sustain in Aviary.
T7+ will be a tad much for anyone anytime soon. (Unless they have another sale next week)
That being said, I have zero idea how this will impact anything below lockwood.

Yeah I boosted them but I didn’t dump everything into Thor like I evidently should have. I spread my boosts around. Immediately learned my mistake.

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Believe it or not you made the right call.
If you go all Thor, and don’t get Thor in your team… That’s a wrap. LOL
It’s the ultimate RNG.


Well my 5 instant defeats today (the last two matches I didn’t even beat 1 Dino) say otherwise lol