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Farideh Moment of Glory at Frostsilver Mines @8pm EST August 7th (tonight)

We will be getting 25 free runs for the Frostsilver Mines with the requirement that Farideh is in our party. This event will last 2 hours.

At 120 minutes, that’s less than 5 minutes per run if you want to do all 25.

My current strategy is to use an all range party (warlock, wizard, bard, ranger) to minimize the number of turns (and animations) per run.

I’m also going to quit a Dungeon after I beat the second boss (top right icon), at least for the first 10 runs. On average, it takes 3 minutes to beat the second boss and 7 minutes to clear all three bosses. The time it takes to get the 3rd dice roll doesn’t seem to be worthwhile.

My last run will be a full clear since there’s no time pressure there. If I seem to be going faster than expected, I will do more full clear runs.

Does anyone else have other optimizations tips or tricks?


How do you know this will be happening?

The Warriors of Waterdeep official Twitter and Facebook pages.

I’ve also posted the relevant image listing challenge events for the week on the WoWaterdeep subreddit.

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How do you access this?

Is anybody else hitting massive server lag on the game now? It’s taking a few seconds for anything to respond. A run in 5 minutes is astoundingly optimistic, and forget about PvP. Nothing else seems to be affected.

It’s going on right now. It should be on the challenge page.

I had to close my app and restart it before seeing it pop upp.

it seems very unfair to limited it to only 2 hours.
this means its only available toa very limited time zone.
lots of others will be working or sleaping.
why limit it to 2 hours when you (can) also limit the amount of runs.

How hard is it to give us 24, no 12, no 6 hours in advance IN THE GAME that there will be these kinds of events for only two hours? Not everyone can check facebook/twitter/forums all the time(because of several reasons such as too many follows and/or they just don’t have an account) but I’m willing to bet people will check the game every 4 hours for their free chest. You can utilize something in the game to get your message across but you don’t and the real question is… why?

The information was posted on Monday on Twitter and Facebook. I posted it to the subreddit Monday. That’s more than 48 hour notice for anyone who checks for this type of information from the most logical sources.

If you think it’d be useful, I can also start a thread on the forums here too.

I have no control over in game notifications though, seeing as I’m just another random player.

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It’s called “Moment of Glory” for a reason. It’s designed to be difficult to make full use of. 25 runs is worth 2,500 in challenge entry fees for frostsilver mines.

Given that the game economy is designed to extract money from the player base as possible, the game economy needs to be tightly controlled.

However, in order to have any credibility as a Freemium model, there has to be mechanisms by which dedicated free to play players can progress through the game and be competitive by exchanging their time for progress.

The “moment of glory“ facilitates that exchange of player engagement for a few dollars worth in progress. Moreover, it conditions the player to treat repeated challenge runs as a normal means of game engagement. As anyone in the industry knows, player engagement correlates to player spending, thereby increasing the conversion rate from free to play to pay to progress.

So that’s why it’s limited to 2 hours: gives them free to play credibility by relaxing the general model for in game economy, increases/normalizes player engagement of the game, and hopefully increases the number of people who spend money on this game.


8pm est is 2am here, yaay!
Ok, I got your point on why only 2 hours is a fine time limit, but pokemon go for instance has its events at all timezones from 3pm to 6pm or so, so everyone has the same time limit at relatively the same time of the day. Holding a very limited event at 1 timezone instead of relative timezones clearly shows which continent is the preferred one from the game creators… and this rather disengages me than engages me

can understand the 2 hour. but the game is played and markered around all time zones.
its not limited to only a few. they happy to take all kind of currencies lol

So such a small window benefits only the players in that time zone.
Some are more equal then others?

But maybe the events will be spread out among the different time zones hahaha.

If they wanted to, they could easily repeat this event for different time zones at the same time for their zone. So everyone around the world will have the event at, for example, 5pm (their time) for two hours. So many games already do this. Its standard practice. So, agree, it is unfair to disadvantaged players.

When it finally seemed that you have started putting your stuff together with the PvP update you pull this *. Whose bright idea it was to run a limited time event that will start at the same time in the whole world, totally ignoring what time it might start in some zones. Putting it at 2am in Europe, on a work day, and it only runs for 2h, really?

These limited time “moments of glory” aren’t new. They do one about every two weeks. This is the second time I know of where they actually listed it on their events schedule.

The first moment of glory I’ve experienced broke my game since the reward list was unpopulated or something.

See, they should just put that calendar in the game. Not everyone uses Facebook and Twitter. :):slightly_smiling_face:

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Well they should start acting like AAA company if they want to charge AAA prices for Early Access characters. :wink:

The ingame communications systemitself or the official game message board seems to be a lot more logical than twitter or Facebook.

Live in the US, but my power was out for half of it.