Farideh role?

She seems to me to be lacking damage to be a serious dps character, i always feel like she’s a utility character with some damage, and before you say anything, i have her legendary weapon, which is pretty decent, and the rest of her gear is mostly leveled epics but her damage still feels lacking, saarvin has her range and better singletarget/aoe dmg, naomlen suffers from being melee but otherwise has unmatched single target dps, and shevarith is just a jack of all trades who is very good at single target, aoe, and utility, what do you think about farideh and do you have any suggestions/experiences/build ideas?

I am bit struggling finding Farideh’s true role and Mission. At the Moment i am treating her as a utility character, good to help your other Heroes gain more Power in the fight against mobs and reducing the opponents Attack or CA values.
I Wish i could use her more as AoE dps but her performance Is Simply not good, even when She crits. I use her to push / pull mobs. That’s it

I have faced bots that get brutal damage with her but the key to that is Level 4 legendary weapon and trinket which of course is hard for a normal player to acquire. Even then you need to get some good luck since the cubes only proc 40% at max. Some players try a melee build with the Fiendish Moon sickle but personally that hasn’t been consistent for me so I prefer to take my chances with range weapons. Farideh is more of an unsung hero weakening the opponents for Saarvin and very occasionally pulling off a timely Shatter.

On a side note , when possible, i use Farideh to pull mobs closer to the front so that Naomlen can do her outstanding job