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Farideh Silverhand Weapon Testing?

I just did a pvp, don’t remember the player’s name unfortunately. One of the heroes/toons was Farideh, and she appeared to be holding a Silverhand weapon. It was a sickle, but instead of emitting red fire, it was emitting blue/silver fire/smoke. Maybe I’m hallucinating, but I don’t think so. I kept looking at it during the match and thinking to myself “no, that can’t be what I think it is.” So immediately after I lost the match (of course), I went to my inventory, and there’s nothing like it in my lineup. Thoughts??

Was it still melee like the current sickle? I haven’t seen anything like that but I’ll keep my eyes open since I’m about to do a whole lot of battles for the event that starts today. I like Farideh’s Legendary weapon so would much rather see the next Silverhand be for Naomlen but anything new would be welcomed.

Yeah, appeared to be melee. But honestly, I was so transfixed by its appearance–thinking that I must not be seeing what I thought I was seeing–that I wasn’t paying attention to many other details haha

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Farideh’s Silverhand gear was a possible prize during the last guild raid, so not a hallucination. Players will have other chances to get it in the future :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Keith. And, how would that have worked? I recall looking at the stats for the possible Silverhand gear during the raid, and I’m pretty sure it just said that it would draw from 4 eligible heroes. This made sense to be because I thought the only eligible heroes so far were Hal, Raika, Shevarith, and Tommy? Where/how would we have become eligible to even have a chance to get at Farideh’s silver gear?


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Thanks, Krom. Did you do anything in particular to be eligible for this gear (other than be in a guild that completed the raid), or did it just come to you?

I don’t have it just took the picture from another place of discussion.

And from what I understand it was added to the random loot table for those that completed the guild event.

So if your guild had completed the event the silverhand pack had a chance out of 5 to be that Silverhand

Here level 2

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Hmmmm…something doesn’t seem right with that. My guild completed raid and I got a Silverhand weapon I had already maxed out. I guess that is possible but strange to have a new Silverhand available but no trial for Farideh like there were for all the others to insure you can get one.