Farideh won't show up in pvp

I’ve done about 50 battles now. Farideh will not show up for me in pvp. This seems to have started since at least 12 hours ago.

My stuff:
8 character roster
I have the ‘do damage’ quest with Farideh
I have all characters unlocked

Stuff that hasn’t worked:
Restarting app
Swapping Farideh around on roster

Hey majofa, is Farideh in your PVP roster? There should be another tab that brings you to it in the character preview menu.

I believe that was stated in my initial post… but yes, Farideh is in my roster.
Like I’ve said, I tried swapping Farideh around to different spots in the roster to see if the spot was bugged. It seems to only be affecting Farideh.

That is very strange, may I get a screenshot of your roster?

Will I get compensation for my quest and daily?

I’m not really sure, majofa. You’ll have to wait for our team to get back to you once they get a chance to review your ticket.

I have the same issue with Caliope

Hey devs, Perhaps remove the “in battle” part of those quests so we don’t have to leave it up to chance?

A game based on a game using dice and you don’t think it should be left up to chance? Assuming there really is a glitch and you actually do have them in the battle roster and not just in your party, those are two separate tabs, there is a 50/50 shot you will get whichever particular hero you are looking for. Those aren’t bad odds